The Life Of An Average College Girl, As Told By 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

The Life Of An Average College Girl, As Told By 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

Really though, there's a SpongeBob reference for everything.


"SpongeBob SquarePants" was my favorite cartoon growing up by far, and it remains my favorite cartoon of all time today. He's the only thing I miss about having access to cable TV 24/7. I only appreciate the show more and more the older I get -- it was funny as a kid, but it's becoming funny in a different way as I catch the older jokes I missed as a kid (and realize that I'm TRULY Squidward).

Life as a college girl is truly a struggle, but at least I know I'm never alone because SpongeBob is right here struggling with me.

1. When you're sitting in class bored as heck and start to let your mind wander

Sometimes my train of thought goes so off track, because I have to use my ~imagination~ to make it through lecture.

2. When you and your BFF go to different colleges and finally get to see each other again

There's nothing better than finally being reunited with the Patrick to your Spongebob. <3

3. When you've been binging Netflix and you're too lazy to get the remote to press "yes" on the "Are you still watching?" screen


4. When you have to walk across campus during the winter but your leggings aren't thick enough to keep your warm

I don't care how cold it gets, I REFUSE to cave and wear jeans. I will suffer in these super thin black leggings, thank you very much.

5. When you're burning up in your apartment at the beginning of fall semester but you're too cheap to turn on the AC

I'd apologize to all of my guests for the heat, but I'm not sorry about how much I'm saving on my energy bill by BOILING MYSELF ALIVE.

6. When you're trying to eat healthier, but you just can't beat those cravings...

This GIF is especially accurate for me specifically, because I am a sucker for anything chocolate chip, especially the cookies.

7. When your boyfriend is grouchy and tired of you, but you just want to shower him in affection

Look pal, you can hate me all you want, but I'm gonna love you whether you like it or not.

8. When you're at work just trying to make money to pay your bills and ALL of the creepy old men are up in your business

This is my customer service face!!! And my customer service voice!!! I don't actually like you!!!! Please leave me alone!!!

9. When you've been busy all week and realize your room has become a literal trash heap

It's Sunday, you had a tornado of a week, and you're preparing for the next one. You've gotta take advantage of your one momentary spurt of motivation to do ALL OF THE CLEANING at once, or else it won't get done until next week.

10. When your roommate(s) go home for the weekend but you hear noises coming from outside of your room

I am too small and too scared to defend myself from any murderers. This is how I go, cowering under my blankets.

11. When your friend gets a cryptic text from the boy she likes and you're both trying to decipher what he meant

Boys are puzzles. It takes the utmost focus to understand them.

12. Trying to talk yourself through that complicated problem that you totally should have paid attention to in class

This is an actual depiction of me trying to write out a cash flows statement when the company just HAD to make so many significant non-cash transactions. #JustAccountingMajorThings

13. When you've neglected to do any #selfcare since the beginning of the semester and you finally take a good look at yourself in the mirror

I haven't had a pedicure in years, my nail polish is chipping, I'm breaking out, my hair is frizzy, and my muffin top is coming back... Sometimes the semester just hits you HARD.

14. Literally any time your boyfriend so much as looks at you wrong, much less raises his voice at you


15. Getting your first exam grade back and realizing you're gonna have to repeat the class (which is totally an overreaction because it's the first exam, but we're dramatic so it's fine)

I have to mourn over my own stupidity for at least a week, thank you, no further questions.

16. When you finally get a lash fill/get a new tube of your fav mascara

My lashes are now so long that I could FLY AWAY from you peasants with them.

17. After doing 10 squats at the gym

Is my butt the size of Venus yet?

18. Getting to the end of spring semester and realizing you're definitely not ready for summer

At some point my summer bod turned into a cookie bod, I'm pale af because I couldn't afford to keep paying my tanning membership (thanks bills), and the dark circles under my eyes look like black paint. Oh well, at least people will be able to look at me and say "Yep, definitely a college girl."

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I Don't Care How Hard Your Major Is, There Is No Excuse Not To Have A Job While In College

If the name on your credit card does not match the name on your birth certificate, then you really need to re-evaluate your priorities.


We seem to live in a generation where everyone wants to go to college.

It is nice to see that people want to invest in their education, but at what expense? It's easy to commit to a school, and it is even easier to get yourself and your parents into thousands of dollars of debt because you're "living your best life."

To me, it's pathetic if you're over the age of eighteen and you don't have some sort of income or responsibilities outside of homework and attendance. The old excuse, "I want to focus on school," is no longer valid. You can get all A's while having a job, and that has nothing to do with intelligence, but rather your will to succeed. "I don't have time for a job/internship," translates to, "I'm really lazy,".

You don't need to overextend yourself and work forty hours a week, but you should at least work summers or weekends. Any job is a good job. Whether you babysit, walk dogs, work retail, serve tables or have an internship. You need to do something.

"My major is too hard," is not an excuse either. If you can go out on the weekends, you can work.

The rigor of your major should not determine whether or not you decide to contribute to your education. If the name on your credit card does not match the name on your birth certificate, then you really need to re-evaluate your priorities.

Working hard in school does not compensate for having any sense of responsibility.

I understand that not everyone has the same level of time management skills, but if you truly can't work during the school year, you need to be working over the summer and during your breaks. The money you make should not exclusively be for spending; you should be putting it towards books, loans, or housing.

Internships are important too, paid or not.

In my opinion, if you chose not to work for income, you should be working for experience. Your resume includes your degree, but your degree does not include your resume. Experience is important, and internships provide experience. A person working an unpaid internship deserves the same credit as a student working full/part-time.

Though they are not bringing in income for their education, they are gaining experience, and opening up potential opportunities for themselves.

If you go to college just to go to class and do nothing else, then you don't deserve to be there. College is so much more than just turning in assignments, it is a place for mental and academic growth. You need to contribute to your education, whether it is through working for income or working for knowledge or experience.

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I'm A Girl In Engineering And It's Not As Easy As It Looks

It's not always easy being the only girl in the room.


Coming into college, I knew I wanted to major in engineering, and I was well aware that I would be in the minority because I am a girl. I always thought that I would be ready and prepared for this, but after being in college for a few weeks, I started to feel a little weird.

I noticed that I was one of the only girls in my lecture classes and it was rare if any of us ever decided to speak up in class or ask questions. Seeing as I am very introverted, I also struggled to make friends in classes where people didn't just take the initiative and talk to me. My classes seemed quiet and seemingly being the only girl in the room as intimidating.

Luckily, I did find friends within my major and I have been able to get to know them and study with them. We are always able to run to each other for help if we need to, and we always go to each other for group projects.

So, it's not always bad being the only girl in the room, just know that it will be weird. You will have to work extra hard to make friends, but you will be ok. Talk to the person sitting next to you, make friends. It will be awkward, but in the end, it'll all be ok.

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