As I have recently become an aunt, there are so many new experiences. With these experiences comes all new roles in my life. I can tell being an auntie is going to be one of the best jobs I'll ever have!!

Thinking anything she does is the cutest thing that has ever happened.

Baby yawns, stretching her fingers, holding onto my hand, sneezing... It all melts my heart.

Showing her off as if she was your own.

*Changes phone background to picture of her.*

Someone says, "How are you?" Me: "Great. So here is a picture of Blakely with her hand touching her head while she sleeps."

You feel your heartbreaking anytime she gets upset.

*Blakely cries.. calls everyone into the room immediately to get this precious angel to calm down.*

Starring at her while she sleeps and thinking ten years down the line.

"I can't wait to show you my favorite songs. Teach you how to dress. Influence you to be an independent lady. Be your biggest cheerleader in everything you do. Omg.. we're going to have sleepovers.. go shopping.. bake together.."

Feel as if no other human has ever been as cute as her.

"Yeah.. that baby is cute but like look at the shape of Blakely's nose.. her brows are better than most people my age.. her lips are perfection.."

Can already imagine all of the Lilly Pulitzer we are going to twin in..

I am going to make you the preppiest girl in all of Missouri. ;)

The settling thought of her not being your child

I can't wait to do all of the fun stuff with you but I'm so glad I can give you back to your mom when you are upset or needs to get in trouble. I know all of the hard stuff is necessary but I am glad I don't have to be the sole provider for that.

To have a constant motivation.

I have a whole new meaning of motivation. I want to be successful, responsible, and admirable all for you, Miss Blakely.