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10 Lessons I Learned From Elle Woods About Love, Hard Work, And Self-Esteem

Besides how to do the bend and snap, of course.

elle woods

In honor of Reese Witherspoon agreeing to the creation of "Legally Blonde 3" (cue major happy dance), I thought it'd be fitting to take a look at all that Elle Woods taught us about life the first time around.

From cultivating a strong sense of self-worth to working tirelessly to meet one's goals, from having a signature color to never paying full price if you don't have to, Elle showed us these ultimate truths about life.

1. There is more than one way to be smart


If Elle Woods taught us anything, it's that intelligence isn't one dimensional. From her creativity with her entrance video to Harvard to using her Fashion Merchandising degree to win the court case to her endless knowledge of all things boys, Elle showed us that "smart" doesn't follow a by-the-book definition.

2. Don’t judge a book by a its cover--especially if that book is you


At first, Elle's Harvard mates couldn't see any more to Elle than her frilly pink outfits, fuzzy pens and bubbly personality. They assumed she was just some bimbo, a fluke that didn't really belong at a prestigious, rigorous institution like Harvard.

The really sad thing? Elle tried to change her appearance at first to fit in, dawning beanies and blazers to better mesh with her classmates' style. She came to realize, however, that she didn't need to change her ways--she simply had to be herself, whether others could see her true value or not.

3. Don’t spend time on toxic relationships


Helllloooo, Warner Huntington lll.

If you want a poster boy for toxic boyfriends, look no further.

He constantly put down Elle, treating her as though she were unintelligent and incapable of achieving her goals. After spending way too much time trying to win him back, she realized she deserved a relationship with someone who will love and support her, who will recognize and appreciate her worth (still waiting for my Emmett, tbh).

4. Surround yourself with people who support your goals


Speaking of supportive relationships, Elle taught us the importance of having non-romantic ones, too. Whether it be sorority sisters like Margot and Serena, a dog like Bruiser or an unforeseen friend from a beauty parlor like Paulette, make sure to have a support system you can lean on. They will come in handy when you need them the most!

5. Do NOT give up


Even when it seems like you can't continue, like whatever you're facing is too much to handle, do NOT give up. Like professor Stromwell made Elle realize, you often have a lot more strength than you might think.

6. Hard work pays off


Elle didn't get into Harvard Law based solely because of her charm and good looks (though it obviously didn't hurt). She studied for hours on end for the LSAT, broadened her legal vocabulary beyond that of "I object" and relentlessly slaved away for her internship. In the end, her accomplishments were genuinely hers to claim; no handouts there.

7. Friendship comes first


Even though it would have made winning the case a lot easier, Elle wouldn't reveal Brooke's true alibi and how she actually uses liposuction to get that iconically fit bod. In the end, preserving a friendship is worth much more than getting ahead!

8. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you


Having ambition and doing what it takes to achieve your goals is admirable, but that achievement is not worth it when it comes at the cost of you being shown dignity and respect.

Elle showed us this when she quit the internship team after professor Callahan crossed the line by hitting on her--like Elle, we should be willing to stand up for ourselves, to refuse to accept anything other than the treatment we deserve.

9. Bend and snap


Where else are you going to find a move that has an 83 percent return rate on a dinner invitation?

10. And the number one rule: always have faith in yourself


Just as Elle learned, being true to who you are is the ultimate way to live the best life possible.

Trying to be someone else--whether it be simply in order to fit in with the crowd or because you genuinely don't believe you are good enough, that you don't have what it takes to be successful--will lead to nothing but constant stress, constant strain as you shift this way and that.

Being true to yourself (as completely cheesy as that sounds) is the only way you will find an authentic, unshakable sense of fulfillment.

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