Life Actually Isn't Short, So Stop Making Excuses
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Life Actually Isn't Short, So Stop Making Excuses

The average life expectancy is 72 years, which is a pretty long time

Life Actually Isn't Short, So Stop Making Excuses

It's common for people to claim that life is short. And they use it as an excuse to spend money, take risks, and make mistakes. That saying has always bothered me because I don't think it's true.

I'm only 20 years old. If I live to the average age, I won't die for another 52 years. That means I can still live for two and a half time longer than I already have. By that logic, I'm barely getting started. I still have to graduate college, get a career, start a family, and more. According to some, I haven't even entered the "real world" yet.

I understand that it's easy to fall prey to the "life is short" trap. You feel tempted to force things and move faster so you don't run out of time. I feel that way with relationships. Not many 20-year-olds have never had one, so it's easy to believe that I need to make it happen before I lose my chance.

The truth is, I have plenty of time. My parents didn't get married and have kids until their 30s. That's true for lots of people. There's no rush because, chances are, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you always tell yourself it's okay to eat ice cream because life is short, you might end up obese with health problems that, ironically, shorten your otherwise long life.

If you spend a lot of money because life is short, you might end up broke and spending the rest of your surprisingly long life paying off debts.

If you do dangerous things because life is short, you might cut your life short.

It's time to stop believing the lie that life is short and you should do whatever you want. You should savor your life. Take things slow. Cherish every moment. Enjoy your innocent children and your years of curious adolescence. Enjoy learning and exploring and falling in love. Enjoy raising your kids and holding your grandchildren. Travel the world but don't forget your home.

Spend money only if you have it. But save money, too. You've got a long future ahead of you, so be prepared for it. Life is long and beautiful. You'll have ups and downs, but embrace them both. Stop making excuses and slow down. You have your whole life ahead of you.

I told my mom that I think life isn't short. This is what she said:

True! Sometimes I get tired just thinking about it!

She's only 55.


My grandma: 75

My other grandma: 78

My grandpa: 83

My friend's great grandpa: 91

My friend's boyfriend's grandpa: 98

My friend's aunt: 101

My friend's great grandma: 102

Someone my friend knows: 106

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