9 Life Hacks To Help Early Risers Get Out The Door Faster

9 Life Hacks To Help Early Risers Get Out The Door Faster And More Efficiently

Why wake up earlier when you can just prepare the night before?


For those of you who work a nine to five job (if not earlier) or take early morning classes (such as 8 a.m. classes), waking up early can be a huge hassle. This can especially be true if you're not a morning person (like me). There's nothing I hate more than having to wake up early. I hate it, I dread it, and I would much rather work late nights than have to be up at such an ungodly hour. However, sometimes you just can't help it and your job or certain classes will force you to do what you hate. Don't make your day even worse by waking up extra early to make sure you have everything ready. Take the time to prepare!

Here are seven helpful tips to get you out the door quickly and somewhat hassle-free when you have to be up early.

Select your outfit the night before.

Put everything out that you need the night before, in a neat manner. If you do this, you don't have to waste an extra 10-20 minutes trying to figure out what you want to wear in the morning and ensuring everything matches. Also, emphases on laying it out in a neat manner. There's no point in preparing the night before if you're just going to throw it all on the floor the night before just to have to waste time and iron it out in the morning.

Check the weather the night before to ensure your attire is appropriate.

Do yourself a favor and take the 30 seconds to check the weather. Prepare yourself. You don't want to be wearing heels and a dress if you know you're going to be walking around in the rain. Moreover, if it's crap weather, you don't want to be wearing your nicer clothes and ruining them.

Pack your lunch the night before.

If you're someone who eats out, skip this. But if you're trying to save a couple of bucks here and there, pack a lunch! I would invest in a lunch box, an ice pack, and some reusable containers! Pack everything you want (maybe even include some snacks) and just grab and go in the morning!

Leave everything by the front door so you can just grab it on the way out.

The night before, I always pack up my purse and any other accessories/bags I need and leave it on the table right by my front door. I make sure any medicine I need is there, pens and pencils, my charged laptop, phone and laptop charger, and literally anything else I might need. That way, I can just pick it up and walk right out the door.

Leave a note or set a reminder to grab the necessities. 

I leave a bright pink sticky note on my kitchen counter with a reminder to grab my lunch box. I can't tell you how many times this has saved my life. Do this with anything you want to grab before you go! If you know you check your phone a lot in the morning, set a reminder!

Leave your keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc. all in the same place.

This is time management. Don't keep your on the kitchen counter, your wallet in your bedside table, and your sunglasses in your bathroom. Keep them all together in one area so that you can grab and go.

Keep your makeup simple.

There are ways to make yourself more presentable without doing a full face. Try to narrow it down to the basics. I stick to only filling in my eyebrows and putting on mascara because it takes me less than five minutes.

Try showering at night rather than showering in the morning.

I obviously can't tell you to change up your entire routine but consider showering at night to save yourself about 20 minutes, if not more, in the morning. This will give you more time to style your hair or do whatever else you need in the morning.

Choose easy and quick breakfast options.

If you know you're on a time crunch, don't waste it by cooking eggs and bacon. That involves possible prep work, cooking itself, then clean up. Try to stick to something easy, maybe even something that you could eat while on the go. In the mornings, I stick to half a bagel and cream cheese. It takes less than 5 minutes to toast and apply cream cheese, and then eat!

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