As there are only a couple weeks in the semester, I know a lot of people get anxious if they haven't figured out what they wanted to major in or what they want to do with their life after taking all of those general education classes. I understand where you're coming from. Sometimes we go into college having an idea or career in mind that we want to pursue and then the year is almost over and we have completely different views and thoughts from the first day. That's okay.

I used to think that not having my life figured out was a bad thing. But the majority of people don't even have their life figured out at age 30. Freshman year is your time to branch out, have fun, and be open. It's your time to experience things and meet new people. There is such a diversity of college kids that you get to see a perspective from every angle.

As you gain experience, you gain knowledge. You may think you know yourself and that you want to be a doctor for the rest of your life. But what happens if you decide that it might not be for you? Don't be afraid to change your major, or not declare one. I wish I didn't declare a major. It's easier that way you can figure out what's best for you. But if you end up changing your major three or four times, so what. That means you're becoming interested in so many new things and second-guessing isn't a bad thing.

Take advantage of the time you have your freshman year to find yourself, your group of friends, your interests, and so on.