The Life of A College Student Over Winter Break

The Life of A College Student Over Winter Break

What do you do with all this free time?

You've finished crying about finals, accepted your fate, and now it's time to go home. This month break is much needed, but how long can you survive the things that come with being home?

After your last final is over

You've never packed so fast in your life.

First thing's first...... no more alarms

So long, 8 a.m.'s.

You catch up on the much needed quality time with your animals.

Hopefully they missed you as much as you missed them!

You get a chance to steer clear of the dining hall food and get back to the home-cooked goods.

Isn't it great to eat something other than Ramen?

You get back together with your high school squad.

You spend several hours discussing the crazy things that happened over the semester.

But of course, this involves running into people from your graduating class just about everywhere. Pharmacy, grocery store, bar, wherever.

Please don't say hi.... Please don't see me....Oh hey!!!

Next thing you know, your old high school sweetheart is blowing up your phone, trying to meet up.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You take literal offense to your parents asking you what time you'll be home.

Right, totally forgot I can't stumble in here at whatever hour I choose without being questioned...

You miss your friends from school.

It doesn't help that they won't answer their phone because of them spending time with their home people, either.

Eventually, you can't wait to go back.

But wait, there's still two more weeks to go.

But, when you do get back, you just want to be home again.

Enjoy your break, everyone!

Cover Image Credit: Hanna Seymour

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An Open Letter To Spring Breakers

"I live where you vacation."

It's that time of year again where spring breakers far and local swarm to Fort Lauderdale beach, specifically Beach Place, for a spring break take over. For years I've seen the countless Instagram photos of fish bowls from LuLu's or Fat Tuesday cups, makeshift beer pong tables made of sand, and even the impossible of seeing a public beach shut down. Yet every year we have the same issue, an abundance of trash is left on my local beach. To be quite honest, "an abundance" might even be an understatement.

From one spring breaker to another, clean up after yourself. We're all trying to have a grand ole time at the beach and forget that the following week we have that really important midterm but it's no excuse to trash the place I call home. You travel all the way down to the beautiful beaches I call home and you leave your red solo cups, aluminum beer cans, and miscellaneous trash that is not biodegradable and harmful to the marine life.

C'mon, we're all old enough to grasp the concept that we should keep our planet clean; It's 2018 and it's more important than ever to protect the very planet we live on, our beaches especially. It's as simple as recycling, taking a trash bag with you and dumping all your trash there, or using one of the local trash bins located on the beach. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you don't litter or trash a place you're visiting, it's basic mannerisms.

Do us all a favor, if you're not going to respect the place I call home and pick up after yourself––don't bother coming at all. I'm sick of seeing the aftermath on the news every year of the mounds of trash college students leave behind. I'm sick of seeing the trash mixed in the sand and water. I'm sick of seeing marine life suffer for your party fouls. Enough is enough and it starts with you and your crew picking up after yourself. Despite what you may think, it's not the lifeguards, hotel, or a volunteer group to pick up after your trash. It's your job.

Cover Image Credit: Sebastien Gabriel @sgabriel Sebastien Gabriel

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From The Girl Who Learned Change Is Inevitable

Goodbye fall semester and goodbye 2017.

As the end of the semester and the end of the year is approaching, I keep finding myself reflecting on this past semester and year. A lot has changed from last year. Things are constantly changing and change is hard for some people. I personally always hated change.

This past year I have been through a lot. It was not always good and it was not always bad. I have stories that were not funny at the time, but now it's the end of the year and I can laugh about it.

I managed to stress myself out to a whole other level. Now I look back at the stress and everything worked out how it was supposed to.

I'm starting to look at the world differently; not everything is going to go as planned and that is not always a bad thing. My 19th birthday did not go as plan, but it ended up being better than I expected.

Sometimes you need to go with the flow! I thought 19 was a pointless age, but it's not. Nineteen is the last time I am considered a teenager. I did not do everything I wanted to do this year, but there is always next year.

I look back on all the things that have made me upset this year and the truth is, none of it matters. None. That exam I took last semester that I studied for and did bad on does not matter. The time my car got kicked in at a party does not matter. The fight I had with my sister the other day does not matter. Everything is changing. I passed the class. I got my car fixed. I made up with my sister. None of it matters because everything changes, you could either go with it or dwell on the past.

Right now I'm stressing about finals and work, but it's not going to matter next week because there will be a new stressor. Life is a constant change; we all need to keep moving forward and except the change.

Cover Image Credit: Graeme Dawes

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