When times get rough, there is always that certain person or people you go to for comfort or support. Usually, it is someone you are with 24/7 and who knows everything about you.

There was a small point in my life when I had many friends, but no one I was close enough to pour my heart out to. I felt very lost and lonely for a period of time because I had all these feelings and emotions I wanted to let loose, but no one to help me do that.

I have these two friends, Ally and Haleigh, that I have known since freshman year of high school. We were very close in high school and did everything together. I could always count on having a good time when I was with them. They were my best friends. Towards the end of high school, however, we began to drift apart, since I went to a new high school and had made new friends. We never stopped caring for one another, but it was not like it used to be.

When college began, we realized we were all staying in the same dorm building as each other. We started to rekindle our friendship towards the end of freshman year, but it was still nothing like it used to be.

This past October, I went through really hard experiences and needed someone to open up to and listen to me. This was the small point in my life when I had a lot of friends, but no one I was really close to.

One day when walking to class, I ran into Ally, who I had not seen since the beginning of summer. We talked for a second and then eventually she invited me over to hang out with her and Haleigh at their apartment. This may just seem like old friends catching up, but this was a blessing in disguise for me.

With the three of us once being best friends, it did feel a little awkward when I came over for the first time because I felt like I barely knew them. I did barely know them. I eventually started to hang out with them more because they kept my mind off things and they were just familiar faces. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and they were still in my life.

They were my best friends once again.

These were the people who helped me out of the hole I dug myself earlier in the year and they did not abandon me after I got out of it. I would do anything for them and they know that, and I know that they would do anything for me as well. They have been in my life for years now. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but I would not want to go through any of it without them.

They may not realize how much they have impacted my life, but I hope after reading this they will.

Thank you both for the enormous support and love you have given me. I couldn't do life without you guys.