School for life?
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School for life?

School for life?

Thats right you read that correctly. School for life? Thats a no go. I remember being so excited and couldn't wait for the day i was finally done with school and had a "real job" or as i like to call it "big girl job". Thats what we do though as humans, we wish for this day to be over or we wish for a better job or a better professor or a better lab partner. We spend so much time wishing it away instead of enjoying and embracing what we have in that exact moment.

Well here I am 23 years old, i graduated with my Bachelors degree and will have my Masters degree this coming May. But what I'm still struggling with is that yes i have a big girl job and i love it. But I'm convinced that back when all i did was go to college it was so easy. Yes my classes were extremely hard and i studied way more than the average student. I studied animal science to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician, so basically sort of like nursing except for animals. I can't help but wish i could go back because it was so simple. I used to be a morning person back before i started working third shift. I loved waking up, having the best meal of the day BREAKFAST. I loved the quiet, the stillness of the apartment complex when everyone or majority was still sleeping and it was beyond peaceful. I would then take my dog out again, sometimes walk around the entire complex and then heading back to get ready for the day. I went to the best college that allowed me to take my dog to class with me. So mable and I would head to carmen for the day for classes. I was typically in class from about 8:30 till 2-3 give or take. If i was lucky the day would end around 11:20 or 12.From there i would take mable back to the apartment where either my roommate or my boyfriend would watch mable or she would go into her crate and i would go to the gym. After the gym i usually ate, played with mable some, walked her and then began on my massive amount of homework or studying for an exam. This typically lasted all night ending with me collapsing in bed and preparing for the next day.

This was my schedule and i loved it. It was a set schedule and it was great. I loved knowing what my days would consist of and what i was going to do, y'all might think I'm crazy. But sometimes if i was really busy i would chronologically create a to do list that typically looked like this

5:15 wake up

5:30 eat breakfast

5:30-6:30 study/homework

6:30 watch netflix and get ready for class

7:15 leave for class

I might be crazy and thats alright, least I'm admitting it. But now that i work a full time job third shift and do online schooling my schedule is basically nonexistent. I work 5:45 pm to 6:00 am Saturday Sunday Monday. On Tuesdays i generally spend my day catching up on sleep that i didn't get during the work week. The others days consist of me trying to go back to being a day walker, but usually end up baking at 3 am and sleeping till 2 pm. I really hate it because of how much i used to love the mornings, but i also really like working third shift. So i guess you can't have your cake & eat it too, or so they say. If y'all figured out how to do both let a girl know.

So what I'm getting at is that i have no set schedule, ill wake up eat maybe do school work, maybe workout, maybe do ten thousand other things. There isn't any structure and some people may love that but i hate it. I like to have plans and i like going through with them. I just feel like going to school and worrying about school was so stressful in that time but it was the best time of my life. A time where you are so free from the responsibilities of being a real adult in the working world paying taxes and crap. I love my job and i love my coworkers even more but don't get me wrong its awesome working because money duh?? You get paid and can buy things yourself and have the money to do things you maybe couldn't in college because i don't know about y'all but i was lucky to have 50 bucks left over after rent and electric came out.

Im writing this in hopes y'all don't think I'm crazy, but for the person who just like me would almost rather go back to just going to school and not having to deal with the crazy reality of REAL LIFE. College student for life? Study sessions with your best friends every day, sometimes a few times a day? Hanging out eating snacks with your roommate that you now only see once a year? Going out with your friends at the local bar and knowing everyone because of your awesome small town college ? Yes sign me up.

Peace and Blessings y'all


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