The fact that so many different languages exist in our world is proof that words alone have very little meaning. Two people who speak different languages to one another could each say the most profoundly beautiful or the most violently hateful set of words and neither person would be bothered or touched. Words mean nothing without action. Even professing your love for someone would seem wrong without the physical act of a smile, a kiss, or some type of gesture to exemplify the meaning of the words. Particularly with the modern incorporation of technology into the realm of communication, it is necessary to remember that words mean very little without action to accompany them. Additionally, speaking or writing words does not always require the speaker or writer to act a certain way. While people typically expect others to stick to their word, words do not bind people in an obligation in everyday life. Often times, it is more important to listen to the messages hidden in actions and look to action as the most untainted revelation of truth. Words and actions cannot be entirely separated, obviously, but the critical point still stands that words are not the most reliable method of communication that we as humans have, although they are often the most utilized and trusted.

Lies About Cabbage

We live in an ocean of words

A sea of sentences and sounds we've strung together

And given meaning to.

But "cabbage" could very easily have been the word for "love"

If we had wanted.

And "yes" could have meant "no"

If we had assigned it that meaning.

Yet, we swim around spitting these sounds, sure of what they mean.

But sometimes "I promise" means "I will disappointment you"

And "You're beautiful" means "I want to fuck you"

And eloquent people are just good liars.