5 Library Etiquette Tips To Keep In Mind During Finals
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5 Library Etiquette Tips To Keep In Mind During Finals

How to be a good classmate in the library during finals week

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Finals week is just around the corner, which means everyone will all of a sudden be extremely interested in the main libraries around campus. However, there are some major no-no's at the library, so here are some tips for being a good classmate and not disrupting other people's study time.

1. The library isn't a place to socialize

The library is a quiet study place, not a place to catch up after a long and wild weekend. If you come with friends or a study partner, either grab a study room so you can chat, or go somewhere that you can all talk. Don't show up and have loud conversations in the quiet study zones - people are there to focus, and you lamenting about your weekend will only give you many glares.

2. Get off your phone

No one needs to see a Snapchat story of your laptop open, with your Starbucks coffee next to it, and a caption reading any variety of "on the grind". If you are in the library, get down to business, get your stuff done, and then leave. The best spots fill up fast, and it is rude to hog spaces when you aren't getting anything productive done.

3. Don't eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner in a quiet study space

No one want's to hear you crinkle your chip bag, let alone hear you crunch on chips, while they are trying to study. Study snacks are great, and can be super helpful, but I would recommend choosing foods/snacks that aren't super noisy, in or out of your mouth. People chewing loudly or obnoxiously can be a huge distraction, and the library just isn't the place to have your daily meals.

4. Turn your volume down & your ringer off

Headphones are great, but I definitely shouldn't be able to hear the music you are listening too while they are in. Not only is that extremely bad for your ears, but it can be super annoying to the people sitting around you. One simple test is to take your headphones out while they are playing music, and if you can still hear the music, it's too loud. Additionally, turn your ringers off on your phones - people don't want to hear your ringtone blare out in the middle of the study hall while they are trying to pass Chemistry.

5. Share the space

If you are going to the library alone, don't take up a ton of space. Don't take up a whole table for four with just yourself. Additionally, don't take up more seats with your books and bags - put your stuff on the floor so that there are more seats open for more people. Invite people to sit with you, share the space, and enjoy the company.

Hope these tips are helpful as you begin to prepare for finals week - Good Luck!

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