A Libertarian is defined as a: "collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle and seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association, and individual judgment."

A Republican is defined as: "the party supports a conservative platform (from an American political perspective), with further foundations in supply-side fiscal policies, and social conservatism."


I guess when people say opposites attract they literally meant it in every aspect including towards political views. If you're thinking what does this mean & how do we do it? That's exactly what I want to know too. Just kidding!

Yes, we voted differently in the election of 2016 (note this was prior to us coming together).

He was entirely aware of my political views when we came together and understood that they are completely different from his views. Many people do see that we are naturally different from extrovert to introvert, however; our religious views and lifestyle are completely closely tied together. Our religious lifestyle is what helps us come together as one even though we are drastically different in many aspects of our life.

People assume that because one person thinks a certain way of politics that differ from you, it automatically does not make you a compatible match. In fact, our relationship brings interesting debates about what we are passionate about and trying to understand and view a different perspective from the one whom we love.


I believe in more of a freedom type of country while he believes in something more conservative and is in favor of certain political actions that are being placed or talked about now. We become so passionate we love to talk about absolutely everything including the military and his view and my view on it. Just because we have different views does not mean we automatically fight, on the contrary.

Not only that but we respect each other for the differences that we have and actually find it intriguing to see the other side and be able to view life completely different because we are able to obtain more experience. It is also an eye-opener to understand the love of my life a little bit more and help me get inside that head of his behind what makes him, him. These differences help me fall in love even more because we don't just have to agree on everything but in fact, I am able to think for myself and be myself with him.

The key factor that has helped us become one yet be drastically different, is because God is the core of our relationship and always will be. Before we came together as two individual people to mesh as one, we both stated that our relationship with Christ is extremely important and something that will not be changed by anyone or anything. This helped us accept any difference that we may have from each other.

A simple summary of our differences: We have different views on gay rights. We have different views on immigration. We have different views on "the wall" being built. We have different views on the military. We have different views on leadership and we have different views on history and how America's choices were played out.

It's possible to love someone with everything you have and respect them for their vast differences. All of this is possible through the grace of God and helping us understand that we love everyone and including their differences. Our relationship is fun, healthy, we argue, we understand, we are different but we still appreciate and love each other. If we can make differences work to come together as a family... why can't the rest of the world?

Daniella Escoto

Yeah, I know it's not that easy... but don't say it's not possible either.