While I absolutely love my choice of major, sometimes people's reactions are not so great. Here are some things that make liberal arts majors want to crawl into a hole when they hear them.

1. “You know you won’t make any money in that…right?”

2. “Your parents must have been pissed”

3. “Are you at least minoring in something useful?”

4. “Wow, I didn’t even know that counted as a major…”

5. “Sounds easy”

6. “You think you have a lot of work? Try being a STEM major…”

7. “You want to be a teacher, right?”

8. “Doesn’t everyone with that major get a 4.0 GPA”

9. “What are ever going to do with an English Literature degree? Everyone already knows how to read “

10 “You know that field is overpopulated. What you should do is…”

11. “All of the homework you have is fun, right?”

12. “You are going to law school though?”

13. “You’re going to regret that choice in 10 years.”

14. “That sounds…fun”

15. “You must have a ton of free time.”

16. “Do you actually need a degree to do that?”

17. “You should really have a backup plan…you know just in case.”

18. “Why not major in something more practical?”

19. “What are you going to do with that? There are no jobs in that field.”

20. “Wow, I wish we could trade work.”

Even after hearing all of these and many more, I still love my choice of major!