Liam Gallagher's Tweets Are Rock & Roll Literature
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Liam Gallagher's Tweets Are Rock & Roll Literature

It's just rock and roll, baby!

Liam Gallagher's Tweets Are Rock & Roll Literature

Throughout the last few of centuries, many great works of writing have been published and have shaped the world of literature into what it is today. Shakespeare took our breaths away with his plays of tragedy and love, Ernest Hemingway fascinated us with his sensational short stories, and the list goes on and on.

Though I could very much claim that the best works of literature are pieces such as Kate Chopin's "The Awakening," or Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida," I felt it was more important to delve deeper into a work of writing that was slightly more exotic: Liam Gallagher's tweets.

Liam Gallagher is a legendary front-man who first emerged to the music scene in the 90s with his brother Noel Gallagher, in their revolutionary rock band, Oasis. Or simply put, he's the guy who sings "Wonderwall."

Ever since he rose to fame, Gallagher has always had quite a reputation in the media. He has always been rowdy, out of control, and he has never held back. He once made the headlines for getting into a drunken fight with a professional English football player in a club where he blew a fire extinguisher right in the football player's face. In another instance, Gallagher made the headlines for saying that he would rather "shoot himself in the balls" than take advice from Robbie Williams. Though he has strayed away from drunken fights in the past few years, he still finds himself saying some of the most outrageous things. And thankfully he resorts to Twitter to publish these thought-provoking words of his.

When dolphins dress in dog tooth suits:


Just as many works of poetry do, this tweet contains a certain vagueness to it yet it evokes an exotic image in your head. A dolphin in a dog tooth suit is open for interpretation, but the best way to interpret this concept is to be in the condition Gallagher was when he wrote this tweet: highly intoxicated.

Next, we have some tweets of self-awareness:


Here we have Gallagher acknowledging that he is a cunt. From such acknowledgment, one can infer that he certainly is aware of how outrageous his behavior can be, but refuses to change it because he is, as he puts it, a cunt.

Disclaimer: the author of this article does NOT think Liam Gallagher is a cunt.

The series of tweets about his brother, Noel:

Before you delve into the touching words Liam Gallagher has left for his brother, Noel, it is important to mention that the reason why Oasis split in 2009 was because of a brotherly feud. They have not reconciled since then.





Liam seems to carry a common metaphor throughout many of his tweets: he feels that his brother resembles a potato. Although Liam shows aggression towards Noel, at the end of the day it is simply because he misses his brother.

Liam's twists on classic song lyrics:



Here we have Liam's modern take on two classics, John Lennon's "Imagine," and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall." From the anger conveyed in these tweets, it seems like Liam has run into some unpleasant people in his lifetime.

Liam's take on other celebrities:


By calling him "utter shit," Liam conveys that he is NOT a fan of Kanye West.


But it seems like Liam has a softer spot for Justin Bieber.


And he has a very strong opinion on his former band.

So Liam Gallagher is not Shakespeare and he's certainly not Hemingway, but he most certainly has a way with his words. There is a certain art that is attached along with the outrageous nature of his tweets. Just as many works of literature can be interpreted in various ways, so can the wise words of Liam Gallagher. He may be a little out there, but that is what makes him one of the most notorious British rock stars.

Disclaimer: Though Liam Gallagher's tweets portray him as angry knob head, he's really not that bad. It's important to recognize his talent and his good qualities. He's not a bad person, he always makes time for his fans, and he's really a big softie underneath his tough skin. He just plays the role of being Liam Gallagher very well.

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