3 LGBTQ+ Owned Clothing Brands to Buy from this Holiday Season

3 LGBTQ+ Owned Clothing Brands to Buy from this Holiday Season

Sometimes you just need a good ol' queer themed t-shirt.

Around this time of year, it seems like everyone is rushing out to buy the same gifts: candles, socks, gift cards. Gift shopping can be stressful because you don't want to buy the same generic sweater at Macy's for your best friend that everyone else is also buying.

This is the year you want to be unique and branch out. Maybe you know someone who just came out or someone who's a member of the LGBTQ+ community and you want to get them a statement shirt, something as special as them. Or maybe you want to buy something for yourself this holiday season, that's okay too; sometimes you just need a good ol' queer themed t-shirt.

Here are three LGBTQ+ owned apparel companies who directly support and cater to the community!

1. FLAVNT Streetwear.

FLAVNT is an Austin, Texas-based apparel company. It's run by Chris and Courtney Rhodes, who are siblings and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Their products feature various phrases such as "Gender Roles Are Dead," "Pretty Boy," and "Gal Pal;" they also have bright tie dye shirts that say "Keep Austin Queer," a play on the city's infamous phrase, "Keep Austin Weird."

I received a shirt of theirs last holiday season and am still obsessed. The quality is much higher than what I've ever found in stores at the mall. The phrases featured on the apparel are both unique and heartwarming; finding LGBTQ+ themed apparel within chain brands is nearly impossible so having a company out there that is run by members of the community makes FLAVNT quite special.

2. Transient Apparel.

Transient Apparel is a "queer community based brand" that was founded in March 2016. They sell boxers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and beanies that feature their skull logo. They also sell transgender pride flag colored lanyards and pins, along with FTM (female to male) transgender boxes filled with various products such as binders (undergarments that compress one's chest) and packers (a prosthetic).

Their products are colorful and reasonably priced. On their Instagram, they are constantly posting images of customers wearing their merchandise and announcing new arrivals and sales. They have a smaller social media following than the other two brands listed, but it was started for the exact same reason: to support the LGBTQ+ community and create unique products relating to its beautiful members.

3. GC2B.

GC2B was founded in 2015 and is a "trans owned and operated company based in Maryland." The company is known across the LGBTQ+ community for their high quality, reliable chest binders. In short, these undergarments compress one's chest so that it appears flat; they can be an essential part of someone's everyday.

Binders are especially crucial for many transgender men and non-binary folks, but keep in mind that anyone can use one (there are no rules when it comes to making yourself comfortable within your body). They help ease dysphoria (the discomfort and disconnect that one has with their body) by allowing the individual to look in the mirror and see their chest flattened; this can help the person feel validated and a little more at home within their body.

Even though the thought of giving someone a binder as a present may seem as boring as socks or underwear, it truly isn't. Binders allow individuals to look at their bodies and help them feel a little less foreign; these undergarments can help people feel validated within their identity because for the time that they're wearing it, they get to feel like their body matches how they feel on the inside and that's the best gift you could give someone.

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6 Things You Did As A Kid That Make Sense Now That You're Out Of The Closet

"Why am I so obsessed with gay people?" *years later after coming out* "Ah yes, I am a gay people"

Before you come to terms with your sexuality, there are some habits you may form that relate to your preferences. Here are 6 things you might have a done as a kid that totally make sense now that you're out of the closet:

1. You were obsessed with gay celebrities or family friends

If a celebrity came out or you found out a family friend was LGBT+ you always just started liking them more than before. The celebrities were always famous but now you looked up to them in other ways and your family friends were tangible examples of being successful and happy as a gay person.

"Why am I so obsessed with gay people?" *years later after coming out* "Ah yes, I am a gay people"

2. You would always ~politely~ stare at gay couples when you saw them in public

You'd be in the grocery store or at the mall and you'd see two men or two women holding hands and automatically they became the most interesting and beautiful thing in that place. You would have a weird urge to talk to them even though you knew that was inappropriate or weird. But they gave you hope (especially if you lived in a conservative town or city).

3. You got excited when a gay couple was shown in a TV show or movie

Your favorite show or movie probably had a person from the LGBT+ community. It amazed and excited you that Hollywood actually showcased someone who was gay!

4. Hearing men say "my boyfriend" or "my husband" and women say "my wife" or "my girlfriend" was somehow therapeutic to you

You'd overhear a conversation and with out realizing, that stranger just came out to you. You found comfort in hearing these words and you automatically felt connected to that total stranger.

5. You always got defensive or hurt when the LGBT+ community was bashed or a gay joke was made

Even though it makes sense now, you used to never understand why homophobic people made you so pissed or why the word "f*g" or "d*ke" made you so uncomfortable.

6. Secretly wanting to be friends with people who came out in your school

You were in middle school or high school and someone would come out. It would be the talk of the school and people probably had more negative than positive things to say. But you were excited! You were proud of them even if you didn't know them. You wanted to run up to them and say "its okay!" or "me too!" but you were still coming to terms with who you were. But regardless of where you were in your self discovery, you definitely wanted to be friends with those who had the courage to come out of the closet.

Cover Image Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/vbeGoD9a5tI

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