The baby roommate is finally 21. Four months later and now you'll have some catching up to do. But it is finally your birthday and now we get to celebrate.

Celebrate you but also celebrate senior year. We have one last year to make it count. And based on the memories that we have from sophomore and junior year I think we will make plenty more. From pushing ourselves to finish our homework so we can go to McDonald's at midnight. Or getting ice cream from Dairy Queen to make us do our work. Or those relaxing Saturday nights with some Chinese food and a movie. Or the Bachelor Monday nights.

Thanks for straightening my hair while I was stressing about my thousand lesson plans I needed to write that were due in the morning. Thanks for letting me steal your clothes and shoes. Thanks for dealing with my sassy attitude. Thanks for calming me down when I was stressed.

I am so thankful to have you as a roommate but also a friend. I can't wait to go through senior year with you and become stronger together. I love our midnight heart to hearts. Those definitely made us closer.

Thank you for pushing me to do well in my classes. Thank you for keeping me accountable for my homework. Thank you for dealing with me when I randomly start crying. Thank you for making me dinner. Thank you for forcing me to eat when I say I have no time.

I'm sorry I disappointed you by not having a Jersey accent. But I have my Wawa and I don't have to pump my own gas. And our pizza and bagels are way better than yours. I still don't know how you can eat pizza and bagels from Pennsylvania. Or the first time you had a Playa Bowl because you kept making fun of me for it.

Here's to senior year. We have one more year, well you have more because of grad school but that's irrelevant because I won't be there. So we have one more year to make this count. One more year of staying up late crying. One more year of pushing each other to do well in our classes. One more year to make more memories. One more year full of laughter. One more year full of spontaneous plans.

I can't wait to do senior year with you. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what.

Congratulations on finally joining the 21 club, just a few months late but better late than never. Good luck learning the ropes of the bars in our favorite town. Now it is time for you to play catch up, so best of luck.