Letting God Work In Your Summer Plans

Letting God Work In Your Summer Plans

Welcome him into whatever you do and wherever you go.


Summer is an exciting time full of exciting opportunities and perfectly dull moments. I am looking forward to focusing on my job and ending my summer with a month long hiking trip in Colorado. The hiking trip is guaranteed to be an adventure of a lifetime and not one I will soon forget.

What I am most excited about, though, is removing the typical stress from school and truly being able to rest in God's presence.

Throughout the school year, it's hard to find time to do much of anything, but especially just relax. That is why I am making sure this summer I have time to enjoy being in God's presence even if it means leaving myself reminders in the form of sticky notes.

Some of you may have busier summers filled with internships or exciting trips to see new places.

Whatever you have planned, I encourage you to let God in.

Let him use this time to speak wisdom into your life and revitalize your spirit.

We, as finite human beings, need time to rest. Isaiah 40 discusses the limits of our bodies and how even youths grow tired. Undoubtedly, summer will still be a crazy time for a lot of people and college students especially tend to cram in internships and summer classes during their months off.

Try to put the crazy aside for a second, though, to enjoy God's presence.

Some of my favorite memories from my summer adventures are the times when I chose to take my Bible reading outside so I could appreciate God's creation as I let his Word speak to me. Sometimes this was just in my backyard and sometimes this was at the Grand Canyon.

Moments like these are important to deepening our relationship with Christ.

God isn't just there in the Bible, though. He is everywhere. His character is manifested in his creation, our passions, and our summer plans. He works through us and in us. All we have to do it let him.

Let him use you this summer. Let him take control of your plans. Let him work through your plans. Let him change your plans. Let him be your plans.

God simply wants to be with us so choose to be with him this summer in whatever you do.

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