A Letter to me, From me

Hey, six year old past me. Stop staring at the mirror and wondering if you'll ever look less dorky. Yes, you already have glasses, and yes, you're already that scrawny girl who is insecure. But it gets better.

Hey, ten year old past me. Yes. You are awful at math, and have no idea why you keep getting A's and B's in everything but it. But you know what..? You will get past this, and move forward. It is not the end of the world.

Hey, sixteen year old past me. Congrats, you got your license on the first try. Now stop bragging about it immediately, and stop saying how good of a driver you are... you will regret it.

Hey.. seventeen year old past me. Congrats!!! You got into your top school, and you will have so many memories and adventures ahead of you. You will learn so many lessons, both in and out of school. You will change your mind about being a teacher and double in communications and writing. It will take you five years, but when it is over, it will feel amazing. Push through.

Hey there, eighteen year old past me. You got into an accident that almost totaled your car. You pushed one car into another. Guess if you need to get into an accident, you should do it big right? You are lucky no one got hurt anymore than slight whiplash. This year also marks one where you will learn huge personal lessons, and you will shape who you will become later on.

Hi, past nineteen year old me. Right now, you are miserable. You are having the worst time of your life without even knowing what is actually happening. It will be ok. You will be ok. You will travel to another country with someone, but he is the wrong person for you. Don't ever think otherwise. People are deceiving.

Hey, twenty one year old me. You can now legally drink, and have gotten rid of the major negative aspect that previously haunted your being for over a year. You have celebrated with your friends, and are looking forward to life. You have also found out who your real friends are at this point, and you should be happy, because you have weeded out those who pretend to be someone they are not.

Here I am today. A month shy of twenty three. I know who I am, and I am happy with me. I know what to expect from others, and what they may expect from me. I am a great waitress, and a graduate of Fitchburg State. I have a great life with an incredible family and boyfriend to back me up in this crazy journey we call life.

All in all, little Jenn... don't stress the small stuff. Because it always gets better.

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