Every day I wonder if you ever thought about how I was. I wonder if you think about how I’m doing after everything you did to me. You know what? I’m not mad at you. I actually want to thank you. I want to thank you for making me into the strong person that I am today. Now, of course, it’s not only you who made me stronger, but you definitely contributed. You tried to bring me down and you tried to make me think low of myself. You tried to make me feel worthless and like I wasn’t good enough. But after endless nights of crying and over thinking, I finally looked in the mirror and saw me for who I really am.

You made me realize I am strong because I am a human being who deserves to be happy. It was not fair that everyone else was happy, and I wasn't. I did not deserve to live this life, and I was going to change it. So I did. I started to work on myself and see myself the way I deserve to see myself. I became connected to myself, my feelings and how I felt about the world. I started to expand my interests and gain knowledge about the world. I tried new things, and I opened my heart to everyone. I saw life was worth the second chance.

When I changed myself, I did it for me, and I think that’s the most important thing about self love; you are doing it for you and no one else. Everyone needs to remember that your happiness comes before anything. You are beautiful, and you are strong. If anyone tries to bring you down, show them that you know you’re worth more than how they’re treating you.

People who are insecure put others down because they too need self-love. They believe if they hurt others, they’re self-esteem will raise. So to the people throughout my life who have pretended to care about me and pretended to love me, thank you. I truly hope you have been working on yourself throughout the years. I hope you love yourself a little more, and I hope you see the world differently. I hope you open your eyes to more than just what’s in front of you.

As I see the world today, it was not the way I viewed the world years ago. I used to see the world as a jail. Nowhere to go. No where to hide. No Privacy. Everyone is out to get you. No one really cares about you. You are on your own. Trapped in a little cell, with nowhere to go, and I couldn’t see the world. and I was not OK with that.

Now, many years later, I see the beauty of this earth we live on. I see how beautiful nature is. I no longer look at the ground when I walk. I smile at people who look like they’re having a bad day. I try to show others life isn’t that bad. I see the little things in the world and I see the little things in people. They are very important things that can define a person of whom they truly are. I learned that people like when you listen. I have become a very good listener.

People don’t just want to be heard, they want to be listened to. I’ve learned that people’s music choice can show a person for who they really are. If someone shows you their favorite song, you should listen to it. I’ve learned that everyone has a back story, so never judge anyone. If you don’t want to be judged, you are not to judge someone else. I’ve learned that life is much more than what I thought it was. I am so grateful that I gave life a second chance. Thank you for showing me I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be. Thank you, and I really hope you’re doing okay.

Love always,

Someone You Impacted