Letter To The Boy That Doesn't See Me

Letter to the guy that doesn't see me

Dear Guy

I am standing right in front of you I have been for a while and yet some how you don't see me as more then just a person. Ive been standing here a little bit dazed and confused because you answer me and then suddenly im indivisible to you. I want to ask you but yet I always hold back because Im scared the answer is no I don't wanna lose the friendship we have. So Im stuck in a dilemma do I tell you in hopes that you agree or do I just ignore my feelings and continue with our friendship and the hardest part is sometimes I really do think you see me but then you do a complete 180 and you just cause a headache but yet I keep coming back in hopes that you will see me. Never thought I would be that person that is patiently waiting for there"person" to realize that they are there but somehow here I am not so patiently waiting!

So many times I have come home wondering if maybe the same thing is going through your head I sure hope not because I have pretty much made it obvious that I like you and short of just coming out and telling you there is really nothing else that I can do to show you. You are probably the most confusing person and I know and they say boys aren't complicated well that is a huge lie because you are complicated and just my luck I would start liking you, the most complicated human there is! Honestly Its kinda comical if you know me and the fact that I make things way more complicated then they need to be but Im not making this complicated bud you are making it plenty complicated enough all on your own even if you don't realize it. I have defiantly struggled in the relationship department I'm extremely independent but yet you make me want to try the whole relationship thing again, to open up to someone and trust them that is something I really struggle with but here you are and thinking about trusting you doesn't scare me one bit it kinda makes me hope that one day you will realize I'm standing in front of you and I can begin to tell you everything. Ive always been super athletic and playing soccer my whole life has created muscle and usually when I'm standing next to a guy I feel big not fat but just not delicate and girlie and yet with you you make me feel delicate yet you make me feel likes its great to have big thighs and broad shoulders.

This is kinda a dumb letter because I would never tell you any of this in person but I couldn't keep thinking it and not write it down or tell someone so Im telling you weather or not you read this you can't ever say I didn't tell you because here it is written down! So my question for you is, Do you see me now?

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