To, my better best sister from another mister,

I cannot truly express to you how much you mean to me because you mean so much more than any words or action can describe.

When you first walked into my life all those years ago, I didn't even think about us becoming friends. We have been in each other's lives now since the second grade and it was only a few years ago we became what we are today.

I think it goes without saying that you have helped me become me in more ways than not. You have always been there to make me laugh when I am sad, or give me the blunt honesty that maybe I didn't want to hear, but needed to.

Kaytlynne, I love you more than I love my ice cream, I love you more than Bucky Barnes, I love you like you were my sister...because let's face it, at this point you are.

I know we may not agree on all the same things, like how Endgame was, indeed, a great movie, but our love for fandoms makes up for it.

Despite going to two different schools, an unfortunate eight hours away, you are still the first person I go to in times of need. Our FaceTime calls were truly what helped get me through my first year of college.

It is summer now and we are both finally home. I cannot wait to watch movies, play badminton, eat ice cream, and laugh at stupid memes.

To my best friend, my better half, my sister...

Thank you for being you and being my friend. There is only one you, and I am oh so happy that I get to call you my friend. I love you to the moon and back.

I wrote this for my good friend, Kaytlynne, who has been in my life since the second grade but only recently became my friend a few years ago when we had drivers training together. I have learned that people we have known most of our lives sometimes don't play an important role until later on.

Even though I did not have the pleasure growing up with her, I am grateful to be growing old with her.