Dear Future Me, From Yourself At 19

Take a deep breathe. Inhale, exhale, and take in your surroundings. You've faced your biggest fear of growing up. You're almost 40 years old now! You were always the one person who was uneasy about graduating high school. You never wanted to go away from this beautiful town of Thomasville.

As an 19 year old, I am getting a little emotional thinking about reading this in 20 years as you are right now. Your teenage years were some of the best times of your life and you really grew into the person you always wanted to be. You show a lot of traits that are admirable. I hope that these things have not faded.

You always put other people before yourself. I hope you have learned how to balance this and have learned when it is best to worry about yourself, and that sometimes, it is okay to put yourself first. Sometimes it is okay turn your phone off because you need to focus on yourself.

You always loved making other people laugh. Even if this meant embarrassing yourself. You had a full grasp on the idea that you could not be on this earth forever, so you made the best of the time that you had while you were here. You, over everything else understand that life is too short to live with "what ifs."

You always worked so hard for what you received. Straight A's were not just given to you. Anytime someone calls you smart, you reply with, "I'm not smart. I just try really hard." I hope you have not stopped pushing yourself to get the things that you want. Nothing is handed to you anymore.

All your life, you had big dreams and ambitions for yourself. Have you traveled around the world yet? I cannot wait to see all the places you will go and all the people you will help because I know that is all you have ever wanted to do in life. Do you have the sweet and deserving husband you have been searching for? If you haven't, don't forget what you always told yourself. Go outside tonight, look up at the stars and admire the breathtaking beauty and secrets behind them. God made that. One of the most beautiful creations. God is the author of your love story. Whats to come is unimaginable.

You were always the person to stress and over stress about everything, so 19 year old you is telling 39 year old year you, that most of the things you are stressing about right now, are not worth it. You used to stress over silly things like how many likes you got on an Instagram picture. “What even is Instagram?" … Exactly.

I hope that you still appreciate life like you always have up until now. You were always the person to appreciate the little things in life. If you are feeling down right now reflecting on your younger days, sit back and think about all the lives you have effected positively. You have come such a long way, and I know that 19 year old you is so proud of everywhere you have gone and the places that you still have to go. Life is beautiful thing when you sit back and realize how precious the time here is.

I'm so proud of you, *fist bump.*


Present You

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