An Open Letter To My Nephew

An Open Letter To My Nephew

You have changed me, for the better, and you can do that to the world, too.


As I write this in my college dorm room, you are two years old. In the two years that you have been alive (and also the nine months you were in mommy's belly), I have loved you. You constantly remind me of what being joyful and blessed is about, and teach me things I may not have recognized about myself. I treat you as my own son, and always will, even once I have my own children to care for. I have been there when your mommy was ill when she was pregnant, when you were born, your first holidays, your first of many. I have watched you grow into the cutest, meanest, sweetest, and most outgoing little monster, and would change nothing about you. Your sweet laugh when I do the smallest thing silly, your relaxed face as you snore in my arms, and the scowl in between your eyes when you don't understand something, is what I look forward to every time I am with you.

Now that I am far away from you, I cherish the FaceTime calls where your precious little self is sitting in the carseat while MiMi drives, or when you're running around the house looking for parts of your train set. Just because I am not there with you now, doesn't mean I don't want to be. I know it is confusing not seeing KeKe near as often as you're used to, and the concept of a cell phone is only half way relevant to you, but as long as you run and squeal when I walk through the front door of the house, I know that you remember me. Also, just because I am gone doesn't mean that I never think about you, because, trust me, I do.

I see all of the Facebook posts MiMi posts about you, or what you're doing. I miss you, and I miss being able to experience your growth, but it is all worth it when I am able to spend time with you during breaks. You have changed me, for the better, and I only hope you realize once you're older that you can do that to everyone. You're incredibly smart, Masin, and you can change the world. Your voice will be heard and you will go so far in life, if you just remember what you have done to me, in only a short amount of time. That impact will help you plentiful in life, if you use your full potential in everything you do (which I know you will, because you've been raised to do so).

I just want to reiterate how much I love you, Masin. I want you to grow up and be all that you wish for, and don't let anyone get in the way of it. I hope you never go through troubling times, even though I know it is inevitable. Dream big, and you can conquer anything. Be sweet and kind to all that you meet, and make sure that you are always a gentleman.

You can obviously not read this letter, and I'm not sure if you will be able to get ahold of it once you're old enough, but the words are spoken in multitudes. I tell you these things all the time, but to be able to share your beautiful soul and abilities is something you deserve, even at this small age.

I love you so much buddy,


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