To Your Past Self:

Thank you.

Thank you for every mistake you made. Thank you for all of the wrong friend decisions you made. Thank you for talking to that one silly girl in your 6th hour class that eventually, became your best friend, and your sister. Thank you for talking to the wrong guys so you know who the right one is. Thank you for all the struggles. Each struggle brought you to where you are today; the amazing, flawless person that you are.

Thank you to the choices you made in high school that kept you from the wrong crowd, and eventually, would have made you self-destruct and become someone you hate. Thank you for the clubs you joined that allowed you to widen your horizons, and eventually, allowed you to find your passions.

To Your Present Self:

Keep fighting.

Life is hard, however, the end of the day always comes and the new day begins. That means, no matter what, you will always find a way to continue on with your plans.

Ignore the stress in your life. These struggles are temporary, and while they might be a total pain in the rear end now, these struggles will make you into the person you will be in the future.

Let go of whatever disappointments you have faced, whether that is from "friends" or through opportunities that you have missed. Remind yourself daily that YOU are in Gods will, and no matter how much you fight his plan, in the end, His plan always wins. So let go, and embrace the glorious mess you are today. One day, you will look back and see just how far you have come from those disappointments.

Do the things you want to do NOW before you regret your decisions. Go sky diving. Take a road trip alone. Take a road trip with your best friend. Skip through Disney World, because what 20-something DOESN'T love Disney! Do not waste a single moment in regret.

To Your Future Self:

Embrace where you are, right now.

I pray, right now as I write this, that you have your hearts desire. I pray that no matter what has happened in the past, you have forgiven those who have hurt you. Harboring hate damages the soul, and when you hold on to hate, you hold onto the pain as well. You deserve more than that pain.

I pray that you are exactly where God needs you and you are loving every single minute of that journey. Sometimes, God has plans for you that you did not know you even wanted, or needed. But I pray that you are embracing that time in your life.

Married or not. Children or childless, know that your are a beautiful daughter of Christ, and He died for you to be in His will. Embrace wherever you are, and love every minute of it! Look back on your life, right now, with excitement and praise.