Dear Roomies,

Well at this point we have never officially met, but I feel as if it is necessary to maybe warn you about myself a little bit. This whole sharing a room with someone, from a totally different state and town, is a bit frightening and more intimidating than I once thought.

1. I have never shared a room with anyone before.

I am the only girl of four children, so therefore I have always had my own room and own space. Sharing a room with one person would take some getting use to, but with two people it might be a struggle at first. No matter what, we will make things work!

2. I always have music on.

Listening to music helps pass the time for me. Whether I am doing my homework, showering, cleaning the room, sitting on my phone, or even sleeping, I listen to music with everything I do.

3. I am a night person, definitely not a morning person.

I hate waking up in the morning. I probably hate that more than anything. I like getting a good nights rest, but I would stay up super late for late night talks and Netflix marathons.

4. I talk a lot, like a lot a lot!

This one you might already know about me. Considering I am the first one to start the group message with random pictures of how our room should look or just talk about how excited I am to finally go to college.

5. I may or may not snore...

I apologize in advance for this one...

6. I like to cook!!

I really do love to cook. I think that I will want to cook my own food rather than eat the cafeteria's food. Just know that you're always welcome to make food with me!

7. I'm a late night snacker and always down to go get food.

Please, please and please help me not get the freshman 15, but late night ice cream runs and junk food are one of my favorites.

8. When I am bored, I like to clean and organize things.

This might be something that you'll appreciate or not. I might be helpful with this or I could really annoy you with my constant need to be doing something. So just bare with me.

9. Always down to make the most of everything even if our room may be crammed.

With three of us, I doubt there will be much room for activities, but I already know that we will create our own adventures. Which brings me to my final thing I want to share with you two!

10. I cannot wait to take on my freshman year with both of you!

Going off to college and starting my future has always been on the front burner and has been itching to get out. I cannot wait to see where our friendships take us and how many exciting, devastating, breathtaking, and absolutely mind-blowing experiences we share through this next year.

We have less than 30 days before we move in and start to beginning of the next chapter of our lives.


Your roommate and hopefully soon-to-be best friend