Dear Mom and Dad,

You have raised me for 18 years now. You have put up with all forms of me- newborn, infant, toddler, teenager. You have seen the best and the worst of me. You have seen me at my happiest, when I’m with you and the family, and when I am with my students/campers. You’ve seen me at my worst, crying over a boyfriend, a bad day, or a bad grade. You were there to comfort me when I couldn’t be strong. You put up with my mischievous stage because I needed attention (thanks for leaving me in between two boys). You are my heroes.

You have supplied me with long-lasting advice about everything I could imagine. You have guarded me my whole life from the evil that exists in the world. You stood up for me when I couldn’t stand for myself. You were right about all my old “friends” who weren’t much to friends to me. You knew when trouble was coming before anything arose. You knew just how to take care of your “little girl.”

You have provided for me. You gave me a beautiful home, food on the table, clothing, a car, and a great life. You gave me a life where many memories are cherished. You supported me from day one, whether it was on the basketball court, softball field, at home or in the classroom, you were and still are my biggest fans. You provided me comfort especially during this summer as we lost a big part of family - Poppy. Thank you for being my biggest supporters in times when I was weak and not myself.

You watched me grow into the kind, compassionate, beautiful young lady I am today. You have given me more than I can ask for. You have given me nothing but love, sometimes tough love. You watched me earn awards, acceptance letters, scholarships, and my high school diploma, all of which couldn’t have happened with your unconditional love and support.

As I embark on this next chapter of my life at Rider, I will foster all the advice you have provided me. I will cherish the memories we’ve shared thus far and look forward to making many more as we spend family nights together on campus. I will continue to strive for my goals and excel as I undertake my dream as a teacher. I will never take for granted the life you have provided me. I will always remember my roots and promise to remain faithful, optimistic and put my trust in God. I promise to come to you in difficult situations and keep you updated on my life as a Rider Bronc. I know I fail to say it every day but I thank you for the life I have been fortunate enough to live, thanks to you. Thank you for being the hard-working, selfless parents you are. Thank you for everything.

I am me because of you.

Love Always,