An Open Letter To My Older Brother
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An Open Letter To My Older Brother

All of the things I never say out loud to you.

An Open Letter To My Older Brother
Caitlyn Clarke

Dear David,

When we were younger, we were two completely different people. You were more of a quiet kid that liked to skateboard and play video games with your closest friends. I was somewhat of a social butterfly that always had something to do every weekend. Maybe the reason the two of us were so different was because unlike a lot of siblings, we are seven years apart.

Although you were quiet, you loved to pick on me and would annoy me to the fullest extent - but that is what older brothers are supposed to do, right? A lot of the fights ended with me stomping away in frustration or Mom and Dad telling us to relax and knock it off.

As the years passed, you went off to college and I started middle school. This is the moment we finally became civil with each other. The distance between us made our bond so much stronger. I remember that you and I shed a few tears when you left for school because we realized how much we would miss each other. I remember calling you all the time with Mom and running up our cell phone bill higher than it had ever been. I remember all of the crazy yet hilarious stories you would tell us when you came home on school break. Most of all, I remember how I started to see you as a role model.

We went through some rough times as kids but seeing you make it out of our small town and graduating from college in a huge city gave me hope. After college, you went on to become a successful young adult and its only been up for you since then. I look up to you in so many aspects. You have all of the characteristics of someone who I aspire to be like as I get older - determined, easy going, wise, hilarious. We've come a long way since the teasing but now we're more alike than ever. Even though we live almost two thousand miles away from each other now, I know you're always there for me and I can talk to you about pretty much anything.

From sending me all of the stupidly funny videos you see on Instagram to giving me the best advice I could ask for as I've grown up, you've been a constant positive force in my life and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Love, Caitlyn

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