A Letter To My Mom, The Strongest Woman I Know

Dear Mom,

You are the strongest woman I know. Yes, you could be described as beautiful (seeing as you are also one of the most beautiful people I know) but that description barely scratches the surface of what you mean to me. Mama, most importantly, you are the strongest woman I know. I have now known you for over 20 years and have been there when you’ve gone through hard times. You have amazing emotional strength. Your admittance to faults only makes you stronger, in my eyes. Thank you for being broken.

Not only have you taught me that being imperfect is strong, but you have also shown me how a woman can be physically strong, yet feminine. You make strong look sexy. The way you strive to do better than you have ever before is admirable and inspirational. You have always pushed me to do the very best my body can do. Thank you for defying our culture’s view of women.

While some may joke about you being a “momma bear” I am grateful for how you care for my siblings and I. Growing up, I always knew that you would be there to back me up if I ran into any problems. You have also always had the discernment to only tell me of bad news when you knew I was ready for it. Thank you for protecting me.

I have never known someone else so willing to be silly in public. It shows so much self-assurance to go out into the world and overlook the thoughts others might have. No lies, in junior high it was a little embarrassing, but now I realize how cool that really was. Thank you for not caring what others think.

As my mother, you have always been supportive of my dreams. You have spent hours upon hours in guilds and meetings, dropping me off and picking me up, buying and creating gear and costumes. I have never met another so lacking self. I cannot imagine how many days of your life have been spent solely devoted to your family. Thank you for being selfless.

Countless times I have seen you studying your Bible - the one that is falling apart at the seams. You are good at encouraging others, yet you are not one to shy away from confrontation. You are a hard worker who invests in whatever she does. Thank you for teaching me what a real woman looks like.

Without you, I wouldn’t be here. Yet that is the most simple statement. Even if I existed without you, I would not be who I am today. You have taught me how to be strong; whether that be emotionally, physically, protectively or selflessly. Every day I see myself growing more and more like you and there is no one else I’d rather emulate. There is no one else on this planet who I am closer to. Thank you for being my best friend.

Love always,

Your daughter

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