A Letter To My Little Gap-Toothed Self
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A Letter To My Little Gap-Toothed Self

Let me tell you a little something about growing up.

A Letter To My Little Gap-Toothed Self
Katherine Rufalo

Dear little gap-toothed me,

I remember you when you were little.

You loved everything and everyone. You saw a dog? You went to go hug it. You saw a friend? Someone wearing your favorite color? You'd hug them too. You always told everyone you loved them, and you were always kind to everyone. Granted, you didn't get the same treatment in return sometimes, but that didn't stop you from making the consistent effort to be a good person. You loved your family, and you loved those who didn't even like you. It was just who you were. However, you were very naive. You were a child, you didn't know any better. Just be glad you knew who you were back then, because it only gets complicated from there. Trust me.

You'll later learn how unfair and uncertain the world is. And it isn't pretty. You'll learn that boys are mean, and that "he's mean because he likes you" is the biggest fallacy ever. Stay away from those kinds of boys.

You'll learn that friends don't last forever, and that the same friends you have now won't be the ones by your side when you're in high school. And the ones in high school will barely be there when you're in college. You'll learn that sometimes, that's just how life is.

You'll learn that some people don't really want friends, but just the benefits that come with it. Don't be one of those people and don't let people use you.

You'll learn that depression is a very, very real thing. It takes a great deal of determination to overcome, and you'll learn that you've had that determination the whole time.

You'll learn to never use Nair. This just ruined the sentimental sequence, but better now than never.

You'll learn very well (too well, actually) that lies and truths can sound exactly the same. And you'll learn you need to be extremely careful about who you open up to.

You'll learn that sometimes, you just need to be in solitude. As much as you love people, sometimes no one understands you more than you.

You'll learn that falling in love is easy to do, but hard to get out of. And you'll learn that it'll come at the most inconvenient times.

You'll learn that no matter how good a guy treats you, you always deserve more.

You'll learn that the minute you think you've found yourself, you haven't. Don't go looking - you'll just keep being disappointed when things don't go right.

You'll learn that your best friend is going to feel more like family than your actual family sometimes.

You'll learn that going on dates is awkward. But sometimes they turn out great.

And most importantly, you'll learn that being you is the best thing you can do. Because no one can be you better than you can.

Growing up is going to be really hard. Everything is going to be stagnant one minute, and the next your vision is blurred and you're tripping over things and you don't know which way is up. But just know that life gets better, and that you should be here to see it. I believe in you.

Good luck,

Older and slightly less gap-toothed me

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