our beautiful yet tragic story

It was freshmen year and I was extremely ready to grow up and experience high school. I met him through my childhood best friend. I made the decision to be with him even though it would ruin her and I's friendship. I would've done anything to be with him. I was so young and had never felt the feeling he gave me. I fell into what I thought was love almost immediately. Except he failed to mention he still loved her. He cheated on me and broke my young, naive heart into a million pieces.

Months later I couldn't shake the feeling and I wanted to get back with him because I thought he would change. Except he did change. We spent months head over heels for each other. You know that feeling when you finally get to be in your bed after being away from it for a long time? I had that feeling every time he looked at me. He was my home, my best friend, my heart, and what I thought was the love of my life.

Over time, we fought and couldn't forget any wrong thing we had done to each other in the past.He became a person I didn't know and he felt the same about me That feeling that I got from him slowly started to change. We slowly fell apart until we finally called it quits. All those memories, everything we worked so hard for was all gone. All our fights, laughs, memories, good times and bad, gone. My heart used to be so full then it was gone within an instant. We were that couple that always tried time and time again to work but this time it was different. We had really lost each other.

Two years later we aren't together. I realize know exactly what that love was. It was a young girl trying to grow up too fast. It was a young boy that was lonely. I dont regret what we had and I think it helped me be who the person I was today. It taught me to never be treated less than my worth, to never rely on someone else, and most of all it taught me that not everyone in this world is going to treat you right but thats okay. The biggest thing I did was stopped hating and blaming him for everything he did to me,