To Mariam Yakubu,

I miss you, little sister.

I miss pulling the sheet up over my eyes each morning at the sound of your voice, usually exclaiming disbelief at the fact that I was still sleeping.

Remember when you jumped on me that one morning and we just laid together in silence?

I miss walking past the schoolyard and seeing you wave as you played with your friends, knowing that as soon as you were dismissed you would run to come play.

Remember how you would borrow my phone to take selfies, and always tried to beat my high score on Fruit Ninja or play that song "Am I Wrong" by Nico & Vinz that you really loved?

I miss writing with you and coloring with you and laughing with you. Watching that soap opera before dinner. Dancing to commercials and Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" song that I taught you.

I miss you trying to teach me shortcuts around the village and smirking when you beat me...because I did not listen.

Remember when I hugged you that last morning before I left?

I miss you telling me you loved me and me telling you it back, over and over again. Feeling your beautiful face resting on my shoulder as we both shed tears.

I remember. I miss all of that.

See you later, my love.

Always, Big Sister