Dear Camila,

Everyone always talks about their nieces and nephews, posts cute pictures with them for their birthdays or holidays and I was left wondering what this was like. But thanks to you now I will find out, and let me tell you I CANT WAIT!!

I might know absolutely nothing about being an aunt or what I'm supposed to do, but know that I will be the coolest aunt you could ever wish for, or at least I will try my hardest. I will teach you everything about life so as you grow older you will know how to deal with every situation. I will teach you how to dance to Spanish music and how to do your makeup. I'll even let you do mine if you wish to! And you won't ever be broke, because I will always have your back.

But most importantly, I look forward to being a role model. I can't wait to be someone you go to for advice when you need it most, because I will always be there even if you just need to vent. Whether it's friendship or relationship advice, you can learn from my mistakes. I'm a phone call away in the middle of the day or at 2 am. And I will always stick up for you. When your parents say no or your friends disappoint you, mine will be the shoulder you can cry on. I promise to love you with every part of my heart.

And when the time comes, I will do your makeup and get you ready for prom. You will be the prettiest girl there. I will have all the answers you need when you feel like you can't ask your mom a certain thing. I'm both your aunt and your friend, and your secrets are safe with me. And if you decide to play any sport, I will be your #1 fan. You don't need to worry because I will make sure you become a cheerleader, I promise.

Although I have some competition on who is going to be your favorite aunt, I have no doubt that it will be me (lol). I'll definitely be the cool aunt. So that being said, I can't wait for everything that is about to come. I count down the days to finally meet you, to finally hold you and hear your laughter. Also, to find out what its like to love a little person more than anything and anyone. But most importantly, knowing that it can begin any day now.

“Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and love like a friend."

I Love You already,

Auntie Beatriz, xoxo