A Letter To My Future Children

A Letter To My Future Children

Use your hands for charity, your voice for reason and your heart for loving, and always do what makes you happy.


Dear Future Children,

One day when you read this, I hope your father and I are still together and you have the biggest smiles on your faces because life is all you wished it would be. I hope you feel accepted and, most importantly, loved. I hope you feel that the world is yours to conquer and you can do anything you set your minds to.

I want you to know that you are never alone. I am here, no matter the distance between us, or the circumstances occurring at the given time. Family is forever, and that stands true through the good times and especially the bad ones… and prepare yourself for those, because I am not perfect, and nor will our daily lives be. We will make the most of it, and I will do everything in my power to give you the best lives that I possibly can, because you deserve the best.

Always say what is on your mind, no matter what people might think, because your thoughts and opinions matter. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not hold back, and live your lives to their fullest potentials, because there is only one life to live, and time is precious. Spend it wisely. Never be afraid to try new things. Whether that be a new food, a new place, or a new person, just try. Take a chance and don’t look back. Live life with no regrets, and dance like nobody's watching. No matter how cliche that sounds, it is true. Live the life you want to live, and do it fearlessly.

I am not going to lie to you; people will judge. Not everyone will like you. You will have your fair share of haters… but do not let them phase you. Just turn your head and be the bigger person, live your life, that is all I can ask of you. Be ready to make a difference in the world, because each of us serve a purpose on this earth, and I intend to help you find yours. Use your hands for charity, your voice for reason and your heart for loving, and always do what makes you happy. Your personal happiness is the most important thing compared to anything else in the world, and I will constantly encourage you to find your happiness, and the source that should put a constant smile on your face.

Never grow up. Sleep next to your favorite teddy bear each night and watch endless amounts of Disney movies no matter how old you are. And I tell you this not only for your own good, but to make myself look less childish when I am cuddled up watching Finding Nemo with my stuffed Stitch Bear for the tenth time in the week. Never become too old to hang out with me. Come climb in my bed and tell me how your day was and what the cute boy in your gym class said to you or the girl on your bus did on the way to school.

Be an inspiration. Inspire others to make a difference in the world, and allow them to follow your lead. Be an individual. Follow your own path and create your own future. And finally, never run out of love, for me, for others, and most importantly yourself.

Never forget, I love you always and forever.



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