You're hurt. I get that. But if you keep taking a hold of the sane part of my brain I know I'll snap. So please keep to yourself. You stay hidden during the day, sleeping with the bats waiting to attack.

As soon as the moon peeks out you flash your fangs, I hide under the blankets but it's too late.

You're already here.

I use to wait in bed for you to sneak back into my head and plant the darkness, the doubt, and hate. But now I leave the door to my head open, there's no use in fighting it anymore. You remind me that loneliness sits on my shoulder every waking minute. You tell me the lies of doubt, you plant thoughts of worthlessness in my head. You highlight the items I could use to end it all.

You throw away the pro column and hand me a list that is thousands of pages long that show me the cons of life.

You make me want to crawl into the dark hole that contains my life. But I'm forced to sit with family and friends while you proceed to nudge me off the cliff of sanity. I cling to the cliff that way I don't snap away from the last remaining love I feel. But you're pushing me so hard I don't know how much longer I can take it.

You gnaw at the last string of hope I have, every time you wake up. You jab it with your wrinkly hands with sharp nails. You're constantly pulling me down, making it harder to stand up, harder to wake up.

But you won't take control of me.

As hard as it will be, and no matter how long it will take, I will take you down.

I will be in control.

I will keep fighting until you are gone.

I will make sure I get the justice I deserve.