A Letter To My Crappy Car
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A Letter To My Crappy Car

Let's get some things straight.

A Letter To My Crappy Car
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A letter to my piece of crap car,

First of all, I just want to say thank you for all the memories I’ve had with the help of you. I literally wouldn’t have been able to get to or experience 80 percent of what I’ve done in life without a car. I’m so thankful for all the trips you’ve lasted to the mall or the beach. I want to say thank you for being as reliable as you can be. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to make it to school or work every day, and I would have so many problems. I will never forget the multiple times you broke down or the time both headlights were out and I had to drive home with your high beams on just to be able to see anything. Thanks for keeping me safe when we skidded on the ice through an intersection and hydroplaned down a hill. Thank you for driving in the snow storms, especially for that midnight championship t-shirt run when the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Although we have so many good and crazy memories, I also have something to tell you.

I just want you to know although you’re very loved, I need you to hold up just a little bit longer for me. I know you’re slowly falling apart after being alive for fourteen (car) years but I need you to keep yourself together. You’ve become an expensive friend, and although I depend on you, I can’t fathom being so frustrated with you. I can’t afford to keep picking up your pieces anymore. I can’t deal with the shaking on the highway if I go over 50 miles an hour. I can’t handle your lack of air conditioning. I’ve had your back time after time and now it’s time for you to have mine. Although you are my first car, I really can't seem to think of keeping you around for much longer. Maybe I could pass you on to someone else and you could be someone else's (problem)?

I hope you know you are at least unforgettable. I won't forget your dents and dings from your previous owners, or the rust around your tires, or the plain color of your seats. I won't forget the scratches in your paint, or the streakiness of your wipers across the glass when it rains.

Fix yourself please, or I will be looking elsewhere for a new traveling companion.



(But let's be real, we will probably still be good friends for a long time, until you're the one to leave me).

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