A Letter To The First People Who Welcomed Me To College

A Letter To The First People Who Welcomed Me To College

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” - Joan Powers


Beautiful humans of my residence hall floor,

Thank you for welcoming me to Creighton with open arms full of love, laughter, and enough burnt popcorn to fill the Grand Canyon. I will forever be grateful for our sushi and coffee shop dates, without which I would not have been introduced to Heaven in a roll and liquid form.

Some people may believe the rule of proximity (which states you are friends with the people you are close to in proximity) comes into place when your floor mates because your good friends, however, I disagree. I truly believe that it was fate that brought us together. Who else would accept my weirdness enough to survive seeing me everyday in the hall. Painfully stabbing late night study sessions were lessened to only a dull stabbing mental pain from our studying breaks. Without Target’s surprisingly heavy duty, sturdy laundry baskets to slide down the stairs our study breaks would not have been the same.

Without raiding all of your closets, I may have gone halfway naked at times. Thank you for letting me borrow countless, shoes, dresses and jewelry. At the rare times that I actually wore clothes from my own closet to events, I could always count on you all to be honest, even if sometimes it was brutally. Throughout the year, I learned I could ask my mom for outfit decisions when I wanted to reinforce my positive feelings but when I really know I need help not looking like I’m attending mis-match day at my elementary school.

While there may have been struggles at times, such as trying the snag the only good shower that has heat AND cold water or when someone takes the number one toilet, I would not change anything. As they always say, taking a shower with only hot water when the cold-water knob is broken gives you thick skin, figuratively and literally.

Thank you for always inspiring me to do my best (in convincing me to sleep in when the hallway lights are barely ever on before 7:45 am). I will miss the grunts of hello in the morning when I return home and my parents have enough energy to sing and dance at the crack of dawn.

Although we did not spend as much together 2nd semester as right away 1st semester, we still made time to go back to our hour-long talks in the hallway. All I’m saying is they would have put hard wood floors in the hallway instead of carpet if they did not plan for people to have heart-to-hearts in the hallway. Never underestimate the comfortableness of carpet.

This is not a good bye, it’s a see you later until we meet again for floor dinners, but not floor dinners with school food like actual food, in our much nicer dorms next year.

Thank you for being my shoulders to cry on, rant about random people, and supporting me through it all.

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