An Open Letter To My Roommate, My Best Friend

We weren’t close before college. I was just friends with your brother, and I saw you from time to time. Living together for the past five months has been full of ups and downs.

Moving in together, I was worried that you wouldn’t like me or that we wouldn’t become close. The first few months, we became pretty good friends. As school went on, you became my best friend. Someone I could tell my life story to while knowing that I wouldn’t be judged. We aren’t perfect, and I was happy to have someone in my life who knew that already. Someone I could share my joy and my sorrow with.

You were there for me when I needed someone by my side or when I felt alone. Like in the beginning of my breakup, you and our suitemates were there for me, and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

We have made so many memories already within these past five months and they have come to be some of my best memories. Movie nights, trips to target, getting food, recruitment, and even watching "The Bachelor." None of these memories would have been the same if you weren’t apart of them.

You are the sweetest human with a heart of gold, but dang you are tough as nails. There are times when we clash, but we never stay mad at each other for long.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for being my movie night buddy, thank you for loving sushi just as much as I do, and thank you for asking me to become your roommate. But as we count down the days to the end of the school year and the end of being roommates, with only four months left, I won't ever forget. Not everyone can say they became best friends with their roommate, but I am glad I can say different.

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