A Letter To Ellen Degeneres
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A Letter To Ellen Degeneres

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A Letter To Ellen Degeneres
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Anyone who knows me knows that my "If you could have lunch with one person" person would always be Ellen Degeneres. I love her passionate drive and ability to make people happy, and that is what I strive to do, bring joy and happiness to the people that deserve it the most. Just recently, my cousin and I traveled to Los Angeles for about three days. On our third and final day there, January 28th, we got to Warner Brothers Studios gate 3 by 3:30 a.m., ensuring that we would be front of the line to wait for the days' taping of the Ellen show.

Now, we did not have tickets, not even standby, but I spent the last month researching people who went in blind just as we did, and got to go to the show! After a super long wait, at about 9:30 two girls in Ellen sweatshirts drove up in a golf cart and approached us to see our paperwork. When we told them we had pretty much nothing, they frowned right away, and told us they were sorry, but the show was fully booked. (Trying not to cry) We thanked them, walked to our car, and left. Ellen is one of my favorite people in the entire world, and if anything at all, I want her to see this letter. So if you're reading, share this, and have your friends share it!

Dear Ellen,

I have been watching your show and since I was of age, trying to get tickets to see it roughly for the past eight years, and coming from a 20-year-old girl, that is a lot. I watch your show because it literally makes me happy, I couldn't thank you enough for everything you have helped me through, all the tears you have dried, all of the questions you have answered, all of the laughs you have given me. If you met me, (which you will) you wouldn't think I am an unhappy person.

Ellen I am writing you today, not because I want money, or a huge TV, or even an Ed By Ellen gift card, but because the other day while I while I was driving away from Warner Brothers Studios, it really hit me. What if I never get to meet you? What if I never even get to enjoy your show in person or the long shot, have lunch with you? I have written to you for years, tried to get tickets every time possible, and I read online people seeing you for the third season in a row!

My mom laughs at me when I say not only do the incredible stories and favors you do for people make me cry. So do people who get to play a game with you or answer your random audience questions, just because I am mad they got to meet you and I did not! You make me happy, just as you do everyone else, and my lifelong goal is to one day be able to call you my friend.

I chose my college major of Non-Profit Leadership with you in mind. I have a goal to be able to help anyone I can in any way, and this as my platform is such an exciting start.

I have so much more I could say, but I will keep this short and sweet. Ellen, I am your absolute biggest fan, and I will argue with anyone who thinks otherwise. Thank you for everything you do, and for loving us all so much even when you don't have to. You deserve all the recognition in the world.


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