My junior year, I'm in second level chemistry trying to just stay afloat. The pile-up of information has confused me to the max. On top of this class and its lab component, I have three other classes. French 1, research methods, and calculus. All of these classes required at least one textbook, an online course code, and other class materials.

The teachers of these classes don't realize I have their 10 pages of homework due as well as 10 from another class or a paper or five discussion posts. That isn't their job to realize but sometimes for us students it feels like they don't care at all. We get loaded with assignments that if they were stacked up would be taller than us.

On top of the homework and school time, we have lives. College kids are so social and are trying to find themselves. Going out, just to dinner with friends, shouldn't be a make or break factor. A lot of kids have to make a decision between their social lives and if they fail a homework assignment.

Parents of these kids tell them school is way easier nowadays but it isn't. They end up feeling bad and like they can't vent about their struggles, this takes a toll on their mental health. All of that because they had to do more homework than they could handle.

Also, most college students work, volunteer, and have internships. We're exhausted. We're doing more than we can handle and if we don't then we're considered lazy or slackers.

Overall, this article isn't to complain because we're all lucky that we can go to college. Instead, it is to bring to the attention the stresses placed on young people just trying to succeed in the world.