A Letter To 2017
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A Letter To 2017

Be better than 2016.

A Letter To 2017
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Dear 2017,

First and foremost, I hope you treat me better than 2016. To say the least, 2016 was eventful. It was a roller coaster of many ups, but more downs. It was a year of lots of laughter followed by tears and full of smiles that covered an emotion that felt like pain, but was unidentifiable.

Anyways, I can only pray from a better year from you. I want you to be full of life changing highs, and although I know there will be lows, I want them to be the lows that teach me. Teach me which people are there for me and the ones who are not. Teach me the ways of the world. Teach me what I deserve.

I promise to leave old habits, negative mindsets, resentment, self-doubt, envy, anxiety, and limitations in 2016. I promise to only do the things I love. I want to set visions and make plans to fulfill these visions. In all that I do, I want to work to achieve the goals I set for myself, break barriers, and be confident in every decision I make.

I pray I have the best laughs in 2017. The type of laughs that boil in your stomach and make tears burst through the shutters of my eyes. I pray I have the best memories in 2017. The memories with the people who make my 365 days so much better. I pray I discover new foods, new music, new people, new places, and new adventures that I wish I would've known about my other 18 years on this planet.

I want 2017 to be my year of self love. I want everyday to be a day full of realization, healing, and redemption. I hope my carefree and irresponsible troubles show me how to be better, do better, and live better. I want my goals to become reality, my mentors to become friends, and every word in this letter to become actuality.

Each day I hope to grow stronger. I hope to make an impact on others. I want my success to be bigger than myself. I want my surroundings to grow with me and my impact to change the world.

So, I come to you 2017 before you hit me like a train and make me or break me, or mold me, or do whatever you have in store. I come to you with open arms and a half full heart ready to be filled by a dynamic 365 days. Here I am; a blank canvas, ready to be filled with your art and your creativity. Build a masterpiece on me. Create a work of art that changes me, changes others, changes the world.

Thanks in advance.

Don't do me dirty.



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