A Letter of Hope During Thanksgiving

A Letter of Hope During Thanksgiving

When things look dark and the world is confusing, hope is what everyone needs

Rosalind Keeley

Life is hard; things complicate, people annoy and God confuses us every day; sometimes we just want to throw our hands up and say, "What do I do?!" Our jobs are terminated, we have little food in our kitchen and our kids have sad little smiles for Christmas knowing that they won't get any presents. Life can come back and bite us and throw so many punches.

This Thanksgiving, around 40 million people, young and old, will not have food and are food-insecure. To all of those people who are scared that you will not be able to find a Thanksgiving meal, find any work in the near future, or are just struggling; never give up. This is the time for family, friends and our communities; this is a season of hope. Hope is one of the biggest words in our language; it demonstrates power and shows how people can come together and give thanks. I know from my life that there are so many things that cloud our every day and our year; society and our communities place such a high priority on things that should NOT have priority in our lives. Why do we just have one day to be thankful? We should thank God for our lives and all of the opportunities we have received every day!

God has given me a life. With my life I can make a difference - a small difference in my community but a difference. If you or someone you know is struggling in their life and has very little hope, never give up. God has put you in your community to be a light and gave you the people in your life to help you and be there to listen to your struggles. God cave us people in our lives to comfort us and support us. This Thanksgiving, we need to give hope to people in our community just like God told us; love others and care for them. God is love. He wants us to take part in his action in the world.

Thanks giving is not only a time for our family, but for our earthly family; each person in the whole world has the same kind of blood running through us; people who are white, black, etc. we are all the same. So put down your words of hate, put away the weapons and set down your pride for this year is going to be different. This coming year is going to be when we all come together and celebrate our differences and bring hope to those who have no hope in their lives. The United States alone has so many resources and opportunities and we are doing nothing to help those in need. So we all need to do our part and love and bring hope to those in our communities. Pride, arrogance and foul language only hurts and tears us apart, put everything aside and celebrate with family and friends this season. Be difference and be the difference.

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