To My Junior Year Roommates As I Live Apart From Y'all

A Letter To My Junior Year Roommates As I Live Away From Y'all Next Year

I'll actually miss having y'all 10 feet away.

Abby Johnson

This past school year flew by SO fast, and I can't believe it's already summer vacation where we are all miles and miles apart. We may have had our moments (okay, we had many, many moments), but in the end, they were all worth it. Apartment 404 wouldn't have been the same without y'all, and it actually saddens me that I won't be living in a house with y'all next year. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to live in a studio, but I'll miss having my best friends just a few footsteps away.

I'll miss our chocolate chip and banana pancake making mornings, and our chocolate chip and banana bread baking nights. (Can you tell we LOVE mixing chocolate chips and bananas?)

I'll miss our impromptu movie nights where we all end up laughing more than we actually watched the movie.

I'll miss the weekly spottings and conversations of T. Witt and how much one of y'all was in love with him, especially after the fact you saw him at Walmart in overalls.

I'll miss the weekly small groups and all the Jesus-loving people you brought into our apartment each week, and also all the snacks and foods that came along with it. (Because you can never have a house gathering without food.)

I'll miss our random cuddles sessions where we all topple on top of each other in someone's bed, and stay there until someone complains about a bone breaking or their lungs giving out.

I'll miss having y'all take care of me when I'm sick (like taking me to the hospital, NOT spraying me down with Clorox so you don't get infected.)

Lastly, I'll miss y'alls boy/life/school advice when I need it most.

Each one of these examples will be held in my heart forever because it describes all of our relationships so well.

I love y'all and don't have too much fun without me next year!!!

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