“Let go and let God.”

Dear Anna and Leah,

No arrangement of words can express how thankful I am to have met you two. Moving away from home is a journey within itself, but finding people who ease that change is even harder. There was portion of me that felt entirely lost, and with time, you both helped mend that distance.

During my college transition, I was unaware that I needed the type of guidance you two had to offer. With so many different types of campus ministries to explore on campus, I had no idea where to start. I was intimidated at the thought of feeling left out or alone as I showed up to events alone or only knowing a few others. It seemed I attended a new ministry organization every week, and everyone I encountered was nice, but I didn’t feel connected; I longed for a connection that I once had at a previous church back home. It was a very particular feeling, but one I wasn’t going to give up on. I wanted to feel at ease and entirely myself while I was improving my life through faith. The other student organizations I’d joined hadn’t started their meetings yet, and I felt at a loss for quite a while.

However, something, or someone, I could always count on to brighten my spirits were you two. The first time I met you two, your shirts broadcasting “Coffee and Jesus” were too adorable to ignore. Every time I passed either or both of you in the hall or around campus, you were always in bright, positive spirits, that I couldn’t help but smile when I was around. Your contagious attitudes not only affected me, but everyone around you as well. As I endured difficult times and we grew closer, you two were full of words of wisdom, kindness, and a shoulder to lean on. Meeting real, genuine, faith-driven people like you two is simply so rare, and I am oh-so thankful.

One of the most impactful moments for me, was when you invited me to your small group for a weekly Bible study. At that point, I was looking for ways to get even more involved and interact with more people. The people you introduced me to were so welcoming and accepting as I described issues or personal struggles I was facing. I never felt insecure or judged, and was fully appreciative. You all actually listened and made me realize I was not in my battles alone. You reminded me that my faith was something I needed to become more dependant on, and helped me along taking those steps to get into that routine. I cannot thank you enough for pointing me in a positive direction and making me feel included when I felt most alone. You’ve involved me in something much bigger than myself, and I have to thank you for giving me such great friendships and opportunities to better myself. You two are truly one of a kind and are going to do amazing things.

Much love,

Your inspired admirer