Please love her because she deserves the world.

Please respect her.

Please understand her.

Please protect her.

Please take care of her.

But most of all please love her with everything in you because she deserves it.

She deserves to be happy.

She deserves to find love again.

She deserves another wedding.

She deserves to be pursued.

She deserves to be spoiled.

She deserves random flowers, just because.

Thank you for taking care of her when I am not around.

Thank you for traveling all over the world with her.

Thank you for opening your house up to both of us.

Thank you for opening up your family to both of us.

Thank you for the vacations.

Remember she needs food all the time or else she will be hangry and you don't want to deal with that.

Remember to be patient with her.

Remember to write things down or she will forget about it.

Remember to buy healthy food.

Remember she has issues with technology.

Remember that she loves warm vacations.

Remember she needs sleep or she is cranky, even if it is just her 10-minute cat nap.

Thank you for always being there for her.

Thank you for making her dinner, when she is too busy to cook.

But most importantly, thank you for caring for her and loving her through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And although you will never take the place of my dad, you are what makes my mom happy and that is all I want.

Thank you for making her laugh.

Thank you for making her smile.

Thank you for being sarcastic, that made you fit right in.

Thank you for loving her despite the flaws.