A Thank You Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

Dear (insert name here),

Where do I begin? This isn’t my letter to you so that I can make you mad. This isn’t meant to be taken sarcastically or as a joke. This isn’t meant to start any unnecessary drama or to get some kind of conversation going. This is not a letter meant to give you or anyone else an idea that I still have feelings for you, because I don’t. This is a letter for you. These are my final words that I never got to tell you after we broke up. This is also my letter dedicated to all of the people out there who have been deeply heart broken before.

First, thank you so much for showing me the kind of guy that you were. It honestly didn’t surprise me. I really saw it coming, but I just didn’t know when. Thank you for helping me realize that I needed to end it as soon as I found out there was another girl in your life. Thank you for the clear signs that I failed to see.

Thank you for breaking my heart, because if you didn't I would've never discovered who I truly was because I let you define who I was for 3 years. I would've never found my passion for so many different things or my calling to be a writer. I let you define who I was without even realizing it. After our relationship ended, it was like a whole new world opened up. So thank you for that.

I wouldn’t have reconnected with my old friends that I missed so much, or made new friends whom now I couldn’t imagine my life without. I would have never re-invented my personal style or developed a love for blogging. Without you breaking my heart, I would’ve never found my passion for animals. I would’ve never discovered my love for traveling because I knew how much it scared you, but it never scared me. I never would’ve found the confidence that I had all along, it is so important for everyone to have confidence in themselves, and if you had never broken my heart I wouldn’t be nearly as confident as I am today.

Most importantly thank you so much for breaking my heart and helping me realize that there is one person who will NEVER break my heart, and that’s God. After we broke up God was there to catch me. I developed a relationship with Him, one so deep and so amazing. How did I live without Him for those 3 years?!

Finally, thank you so so so much because without this happening to me, I would've never found pure and true love. I would've never met the man of my dreams whom I call my boyfriend now. I would've never realized what I needed in a man. I would have never known how a woman is SUPPOSED to be treated by a man. I now know what a Godly relationship feels like. I now have hope. So for all of this, I thank you.



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