An Open Letter To My Girlfriends

An Open Letter To My Girlfriends

Those group texts and funny story telling really can make a difference to someone.

Dear ladies,

Whether you are people I just met and got close to, acquaintances, whether we go way back since middle school and keep in touch, whether we talk to each other sometimes through commenting or like each other’s pictures on Instagram, or we hang out all the time and go out together, you all are the type I hold near and dear to my heart; you know who are and you’ll notice that some have their own categories too. This is for you:

Each person from each “category” is a person that has taught, told, and helped me get through something. Each category will have an explanation as to why you mean the world to me.

To the ladies I just met: I may have roomed with you or met you in college, or even met you through a club, thank you. Thank you for being there and letting me talk to you. I love learning about new people, so thank you for talking to me, too. Thank you for including me and making me feel accepted, especially when it is hard to feel that way in the beginning. Every lady in this category is so wonderful and special in their own way, and you all have contributed nothing but happiness in my first semester at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Transitioning to a new school and moving out is a different, yet thrilling experience, but all of you made it so much easier for me and I am forever grateful for that. Starting off, I did not expect my life would be the way it is right now. I am much happier than I expected to be. To be honest, in the beginning of the semester, I did not think I would meet many people at STAC, but that was proven wrong because of you ladies. I even feel close to some professors, too, and having such a big support system and great friends make everything easier. Thank you for the movie nights, endless Miranda Sings impressions, real talks, love and support that each lady has shown me while at STAC.

To my acquaintances: Thank you for caring when we talk. Even though we may not talk a lot, it’s good to know that you are around. Whether we notice each other in a large crowd and realize it’s each other, it is good to know that there are always people out there like you to talk to in awkward situations or just waving hello in public places.You may not have changed my life, but you have relived some anxiety, and it is nice to know that you still appreciate me even out of so many people you could be talking too. Some people just ignore each other, but not you ladies! It is nice to feel welcome, and I thank you so much for being those kinds of people.

To the ladies that go way back since middle school: you know who you are and have seen me change physically and mentally, and I have done the same for you. All of you have stayed by my side through the awkward stages, and that was a difficult thing to do! We may have all moved on, meaning different schools and different lives, but the way we act around each other will never change. When we hang out, I feel like a kid again, and that feeling is such a wonderful one to behold. Sharing memories and creating new ones with you all makes me so happy. Knowing we may not talk everyday but are still there for each other and still support each other makes me know that the quote “Friends are like stars: you may not see them but you know they’re always there” is a true one. You guys are the back bones that support me and I would fall if you weren’t there. Thank you for the endless embarrassing and funny childhood memories, and thank you for the memories we still make to this day. I am excited for the summer because I know we will only hang out more!

To the ladies who comment, like, talk once in a while through social media, you know who you are, too. A lot of people do not even consider these types of people “friends,” but that is not the case with me. You guys are cutest and shockingly, you make my day without even knowing it. The quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” is something that applies with you ladies. With your kind words and manners, you are helping me without even realizing it. I may have either known you in high school, met you at work, met you randomly, or even met you through someone else. Your kind words are appreciated and you are always a friend to me. I love you like all my other ladies, and I appreciate you all dearly. Thank you for the memories we shared and letting me send the same love your way, because you deserve it.

To the people I hang out with and go out with: you know who you are. I make constant posts with you, I invade your house, we have group chats, or I randomly pick you up. But you all knew this. Without you ladies, wow, I would not have been who I am without you. Ladies-night is a thing for us; whether we go out to Buffalo Wild Wings or Cheesecake factory, whether we order Dominos super late at night, whether we laugh with each other in the car about embarrassing stories, I love you all so much. You have all taught me to be so strong. Your advice, stories, love, and support have shaped me into the person I am today. I cannot thank you enough for putting up with me. It is so good to know that you are constantly there for me, like older sisters (even though some of you are younger and the same age as me). I love the closeness we all have and I am forever grateful and lucky for that.

This little letter was to my ladies, whether we just met, are acquaintances, child hood friends, social media friends, or people I go out with all the time. I thank you all. Now, do not get me wrong--I have guy friends that I am super close to as well. But I have to show some love to ladies this time. Ladies, thank you. Thank you for molding me into a person that I couldn’t be without you. Your strength, bravery, support, and love have made me a better person that I couldn’t be without you.


The person who will always believe in you

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