Never would I have ever pictured finding someone so much like me so randomly. Who would have thought two girls from completely different parts of the country would soon become future roommate?

It all started with following each other on Twitter. We knew nothing about one another besides the fact that we were both #LSU22. On November 21, 2017, I had the urge to direct message you, but I couldn't bring myself to do it out of absolute fear. Thankfully, on November 22 you had that same crazy thought and sent me a message. This night was the start of something wonderful!

You and I are two completely different people, but so similar in many ways. You are a loud, extroverted, outgoing girl while I am a less loud, introverted, somewhat shy person. That is something I find so wonderful about us. Our personalities will compliment the other's so perfectly. Besides that, we both love sports, ranting about pointless topics, and most importantly LSU!

Though we have yet to meet, the day is coming soon. March 23 is the first time we will officially meet, and I personally cannot wait! But I guess the occasional FaceTimes, daily Snapchats, and multiple conversations we have over various media networks make up for it...for now.

For the nearly 3 months I've known you, you have quickly become one of my best friends. Yet, there is so much we still have to learn about each other. We know of each other's favorite colors, siblings, pets, parents, and future career plans, but I cannot wait to learn about the rest of your crazy quirks and insane outlooks on life!

So here's to the future of us. Our friendship, our new lives together in the fall, and our many memories to come. I pray that we remain close and always see the best in each other even if we do not always agree. Somehow I think we will forever be in the other's life and that is such a great feeling.

Thank you for sending me that first message. Thank you for wanting to take the same leap of faith I did but actually having the guts to take that first step.Thank you for becoming my best friend and listening to me complain. Thank you for giving me a friend when I was certain I would be alone next year. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

I promise we will have the greatest freshman year you could imagine! Between you and I, and Riley and Lauren, I could not imagine anything other than the best first year.

Until then, I wish you a fantastic end to senior year, and I cannot wait to meet! Much love to you, Em!