Dear Younger Sisters,

You have no idea how honored I am to call you my sisters. You guys are the truest and best friends I could ever have. You know exactly how to cheer me up when I am down, or what makes me laugh. We may not always get along, but you guys are always there for me when I need you most. Friends may come and go, but I know that family is always there.

Just to give you guys heads up, when you start dating, I will have to approve of these guys. I will be just as protective of you guys as y'all are of me. I will be going on your first date with you just so you know. I can't wait to embarrass you as much as you have tried to embarrass me in front of guys or pick on you for liking certain ones.

God knew exactly what he was doing when he made me your older sister. You guys have helped make me the mature, responsible person I am today. I try my best to be a great role model for you guys and to spend as much time as I can with you because I don't want you to feel like you guys aren't important to me. I absolutely love y'all with all of my heart. I am always here if you need me and just think of me as another parent, except way cooler.


Your older sister