To all of my friends who are graduating,

First off, congratulations! I bet you can't believe it's actually here. I know I can't. As excited as I am, graduation is always bittersweet. It's the last time that you'll ever be in the same room as these people you've spent the last four years with.

Many of you are going straight from the stage to new cities and new jobs, taking some time to travel, or just trying to figure out what is next. Your future is filled with nothing but promises from here on out.

Graduation is a time for reflection of the last four years. Even though I'm not graduating with you, I'm still looking back on the time we spent together. The parties we went to, the hours we spent watching Netflix on the couch, and every time we just sat and vented out problems to each other.

It's really bittersweet that I'll be here, doing all of this stuff without you next year.

While you're out in the workforce and learning what it really is to be an adult (aka, no more homework!), I'll still be here writing papers and studying for exams. Don't forget to keep in touch with me!

I'm so excited to hear about your new job and everything that comes with being in the real world. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop with campus drama and crazy party stories.

I already miss you and wish we had more time to just hang out on the quad. Finals are here and we have less time than ever to get everything done before we leave campus. No matter how many years we had together in college I feel like it's not enough.

I am so excited for you to graduate, almost excited as I am getting for my own impending graduation in the future. I am so proud of everything you've done for our campus while you were here. You may not think so, but this campus would be different if you had never stepped foot here.

Thank you for being my friend, and for guiding me with what extra experience you had gained before I arrived. We grew together, but now it's time for you to have some new experiences without me. Good luck with everything you're about to start. I'll be here in class cheering you on.


Your friend who is not graduating