A Letter To My Best Friend Going Through Troubling Times

Hey there, beautiful.

I know that things have been hard lately and you are in the midst of troubling times. Your head and heart must be everywhere right now, making life confusing and hectic. The problems and issues you're dealing with are real and scary, and I know that you are trying to figure out things for yourself. As one of your friends, I just want you to know a few things.

You are a wonder. I have seen you accomplish, fail, love, lose, sing, cry and laugh at your worst and at your best. You work hard for everything in your life and continue to strive for more. You're also the one that I can slack off with, goofing around as if nothing else in the world matters at the time but the sound of our laughter. You continue to amaze me and one day you're going to surprise yourself, even if it's not right now. I couldn't be more proud of the person you are and how you carry yourself. Your dedication and strength are inspiring, and you are going to have everything you want in life. Keep reaching and never change.

Your hardship is my hardship. Someone as great as you should not have to deal with heavy problems. But we both know life doesn't work that way, so that's why we have each other. Just remember that I will be your safety net and catch you when you fall. Then, tell me what you want from me. Use me as your verbal punching bag. I'll listen and give you opinions if you ask for them. I'll get you out of the house if you need to go on a drive to clear your head. I'll bring over a bottle of wine and ice cream. I'll just sit there in silence with you. Whatever you need, I'll do it. I want to help in any way that I can.

I support any decision you make. You need to do what is best for you, first and foremost. You have a good intuition, judge of character, and sense of self. All I ask is that you weigh your options and put sincere thought into whatever you decide. I'll back you up and be on your side, through thick and thin.

You are loved by so many. Your friends and family wish nothing but the best for you and want to do well by you. It may not seem like it sometimes, but that's why I'm here to remind you. They're just trying to help the best way they know how. They may not understand you or the situation and will try to lend a hand in ways that don't actually work for you, but remember that they care. You have people who love you; hold onto them and keep them close.

Breathe and take it one step at a time. I'll be right there with you for every twist and turn.

Love always,

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